Servizio Volontario Europeo (EVS)

Arrivederci Germania, ciao Belpaese!

Ciao ragazzi! I am Vera, one of the new volunteers at Vicolocorto Association in Pesaro and I shortly want to introduce myself to you.

Last year in November, I finished my studies at the university of Heidelberg for becoming a high school teacher. I didn’t want to start working immediately: professional life starts early enough, so I decided to explore a foreign country and do something different.


Italy was the perfect destination for this plan. I had been to Italy for several times: Napoli, Milano, Firenze, Venezia, Roma, Capri, Sorrento…I simply fell in love with the countryside, the people, the way of life and – of course – the Italian food!

On the 23rd of December I finally received the message, that I can participate in the EVS project in Pesaro for eight months and it was the best Christmas present ever. So I packed my bags and left my little hometown in the southwest of Germany to start my adventure in Bella Italia!

I arrived here last week and already met so many warm-hearted and open-minded people, that I am sure, Pesaro will quickly become a second home for me. It is my first time abroad for such a long time and I am really looking forward to making new and exciting experiences and developing myself. If you are interested in my journey and in that of the other EVS volunteers, just follow the blog. I am sure, we will meet again soon!

A presto,


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