Eventi locali / Local events, Servizio Volontario Europeo (EVS)

Violenza sulle donne. Parte a Pesaro la rassegna cinematografica “M’ama NON m’ama”

Everyday all over the world women face various forms of violence. Violence in the home, discrimination in relation between men and women and many others. According to the reports, one in three women will be beaten or raped in her life. This terrifying statistics born rebellion and create power to fight it.

Some districts of Pesaro (Muraglia, Villa San Martino, Porto/Soria, Pantano/Santa Veneranda) with UDI (Unione Donne in Italia) organize an event to reflect on this topic. Next weeks take place projection of two documentary movies speaking about violence against women. After the movies there will be a discussion to talk about this problem.
Express your opposition and solidarity. Join us!


  • Martedì 1 marzo 2016, ore 21.15. “PARLA CON LUI”, regia di Elisabetta Francia;
  • Mercoledì 9 marzo 2016 ore 21.15. “MUSTANG” (2015),  regia di Deniz Gamze Erguven.


Cinema Solaris, via turati 42, 61122 Pesaro.


For more information click here or have a look at this page!


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