Servizio Volontario Europeo (EVS), Volunteering: a Youth Empowerment Instrument

My EVS project in Graz


My name is Dario. I’m 30 years old and I live in Chieti, a small city in Abruzzo near Pescara, but I also lived in Urbino for my University. My experience of EVS project started in 2 March of last year in Graz, Austria.
Graz is the second city more bigger of Austria and situated in Styria. It is a nice city because has a big university and has a temperate weather more similar to Italy.
At my arrival in Austria after two weeks I have been in Vienna for the ‘On-arrival Training’ and this days for me were very intensive and difficult because in hotel there are all the volunteers of different countries that worked in Austria and when I have been there my English language was a big problem for me. Luckily now I improved my English: thanks very much EVS!

My work takes place in Kinderdoff, at 5 km out of Graz, but I lived in Graz city. The best things in Graz are the public transport, 10 minutes of tram for the city centre and 20 minutes of bus for the Kinderdoff…This is great! During my project I lived in ‘Green Box’, a nice university residence where I shared my flat with other two Austrian students. In my project I worked with other two volunteers girls, coming from Romania and Ukraine.
My work in Kinderdoff consisted in play with children and help the educators in their work.

The children that live in Kinderdoff are very lucky because they live in a wonderful location with a lot of green spaces, two places of Football, swimming pool for the summer, kitchen, creative workshops and also a place for play music.

The city of Graz is really nice with many green parks, a special mix of History and modernity and good nightlife. The symbol of Graz are two: the wonderful castle of Schlossberg situated in a higher and historic part of the city and the Kunsthaus situated in the lower part of Graz and symbol of contemporary art.
The other most important point of the city is the Kunsthaus, symbol of contemporary art in Graz. The other things important in Graz are the green places and the parks. The most famous park in Graz is Stadpark, situated near University and in this green place the young, students and families meet for relaxing and chilling in the summer.

In June all volunteers of EVS that worked in Austria meet for 3 days in Salzburg for the ‘Mind-Arrival training’, another meeting. This training for me has been more easy because I could improve my English and I understand very better, I’m very happy for this!
Furthermore, after my EVS project I have decided to continue in this street and I hope to find my future work in social and European sector. A EVS experience can change your life!

Dario Benegiamo

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