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A typical PLE night


Do you want to travel around the world on one evening?
Then we have the perfect opportunity for you! Every Thursday evening people from all over the world meet here in Pesaro, more precisely in a nice bar called the GRA’. The so called Pesaro Language Exchange (short: PLE) takes place every Thursday from 9 pm to midnight and everybody – no matter if young or ageless – is welcomed.
You can meet us, the EVS volunteers from Vicolocorto, but also people from for example California, Latvia or the Philippines and enjoy the international flair in a nice atmosphere. There you have the possibility to learn or improve a foreign language, keep up the level of a language you already speak or talk in your mother tongue.
You can talk about whatever you want: your hobbies, your dreams, your daily life in Pesaro or your travel experiences around the world. In the old wine cave of the GRA’ you can find tables with different language groups: German, English, French, Spanish and of course Italian are the most spoken ones during these nice evenings. And in between one or two drinks and something delicious to eat you can even develop new friendships or find couchsurfing spots to travel around – for free!

If you want to know more about this fantastic event, join the PLE on Facebook or contact them via email (ple.couchsurfing@gmail.com).

Ci vediamo li!
Vera, Guillaume, Paulina and Miha


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