My job? Discover heroes and call them EVS


Have you ever dreamt to have the same superpowers of your favourite heroes?
And in real life, which are your superpowers?
Don’t laugh, I am sure that you have some passions in which you are really good at, and you know things that I don’t know!
How to cook a perfect lasagna, juggle with fire, organize a party, run for 10 miles, know how to repair a bike or how to be a supportive friend… these are only some of the surprising things you might do so well: that’s clear that you are a superhero too!

Unfortunately, sometimes people don’t realize to be so special and so they don’t know how to use their own personal special powers.
Someone should tell them and that’s why since 20 years there is someone in the world who is doing it as a job: the EVS mentors and EVS tutors!
Yes, that is our job and we use our competences and knowledge to help the volunteers to discover their potential and to support them in their exciting, but sometimes challenging, journey.


How do we do that?
Well, two seminars that are taking place in Rome in these weeks will focus exactly on that and I will be there, so follow me!
The first one is the “Seminar to sharing best practices on pre-departure training”, from 16th to 19th of May, then we will continue with “Mentoring in EVS” from 24th till 28th.
Led by Helena Kosková, Emiliano Bon, Jan Lai and Mafalda Morganti, we will share best practices related to the special phase of pre-departure training and we will discuss the key roles of EVS Mentor and EVS Tutor.

Fabiana di Carlo, from the Italian National Agency of the Erasmus+ programme, says: “We want to improve the quality of EVS projects and the number of those addressed to young people with fewer opportunities, and to increase the professionality in the EVS field”.
As this is the year of celebration for EVS, the Italian National Agency organizes so many initiatives that is hard to list all of them!
There are postcards to promote it, a spot video in collaboration with MTV  (click here to watch it), two publications and a special project addressed to former EVS volunteers called Europeers, and much more.

Check the official web site of the Italian NA and, if you are curious about the new tools, methodologies and the final results of the seminars, follow me as I will be there to collect all these info and share them with you!

Greetings from Rome!


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