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If heros are like Luke Skywalker, I am Obi-Wan Kenobi


“If the EVS volunteer is like Luke Skywalker, I am Obi-Wan Kenobi” – Jan says. “Or I am Gandalf and you are Frodo!”, Fabiana replies.
No, they are not talking about the rules of a role-playing game. I heard this discussion today morning while we all were organizing the project “Mentoring in EVS”.
Mafalda Morganti and Jan Lai are working hard to set the training course with the contribution of the Italian National Agency represented by Fabiana Di Carlo and Ada Corasaniti who are supporting this initiative.
21 mentors are coming from 10 different countries in Rome to discuss about their role and the peculiarity of it.

Fabiana says: “We decided to organize this training course to explore the meaning of the mentoring role and to share the knowledges and the experiences among mentors. The European Voluntary Service is a valuable experience to live. It’s a good way to know different cultures and to meet new people. That’s why we want to promote it and to realize activities to improve the professionality of the youth educators who work in the EVS field”.

The Italian National Agency, in charge of Erasmus+ European Youth, is now really focusing on Evs activities: this year is the anniversary of Evs and we are going to celebrate 20 years at best.
Last week, for example, there were a seminar about pre-departures led by the trainers Helena Kosková and Emiliano Bon.

Are you wondering what happened last week?
Ada Corasaniti from the Italian National Agency affirms: “With the PDT (pre-departure training) a youth educator can meet who is going to become a volunteer and there’s the possibility to know better if he/she could real match to the project. The results of this seminar show us the participants understand this and I feel they are aware of the importance of the PDT much more than before. It means we have reached our goals”.
All the results that we got will be edited soon in a e-book so…..keep following us!

Hugs from Rome.


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