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Ci vediamo sooooon

Time goes by, so slovely.. Sings Madonna in her song Hung up.. Ma non è vero, when u are »divertiting« time is bungyjumping as crazy!!=))

The 8 mounths went by mooolto veloce, but its not a problem cause these pesarese people are so nice that i think is non c’è problema at all to come back and find a place per dormire!! Actually this place here makes one to stay for ever and ever… I was planning to stay buuuut sometimes plans change. But for sure the idea to come back is stored not so far behind in mia testa. The feeling of waking up knowing that after short ride con bicicleta and few hours of work I’m gonna enjoy on the beach under the sun under the water, on the water, by the water… sole, sole, sole…mare, mare, mare… I’m gonna carry this feeling with me around the world for a long time!!!=)))

I meet some really good friends but every single person here gave me a pice which on the end became a part of a delicious pesarese pizza… Can you imagine how big this pizza is now?? Its huge, enormous, grandissimaaaa!!!

I don’t wanna cry in frot of you all so please don’t come today to Fiorenzuola but if you come… Red and wet eyes are because i was swimming under the water!!!=))

Dieci ragazze per me ma dieci baci e abbracci per vooooi!!!

Ciao, ciao belle t***ine, Miha loves you all!!!


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