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A new volunteer in Vicolocorto: Maja from Croatia

Ciao Pesaresi!

My name is Maja, I am a 25 year old child from a small town named Labin on the Adriatic coast in Croatia. From 04/08/16 to 03/02/17 I will be joining the Vicolocorto association as a voulnteer. My main goal will be to help young Italians, age 12 to 19, to learn and improve their knoweledge of English language through workshops and presentations.

I have volunteered in my little comunity at pet shelters and the Center for Inclusion helping young people with diabilities to explore their potential through arts. I also had the chance to join “VIP – Volunteers in the Palace”, where I helped to organize and implement the annual “In the Palace” International Short Film Festival in Sofia, Bulgaria.
The reason why I have decided to come to Pesaro is because I am 1/3 Italian and I would like to improve my knowledge of Italian language, but also to explore this beautiful country.

I am looking forward to meet all you nice Pesarese people, so don’t be shy and come to say hi!




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