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Festa del Duca Urbino – our first getaway from Pesaro

When Ferragosto comes, escaping from your home for a night is good way to celebrate it!

My roomies Anais & Roberto, and I decided to visit Urbino and its famous feast of the Duke, held from 1982, now counting its 35th edition.

robi anais maja

Urbino is a walled city south-west of Pesaro, nestled on a hillside, which became a duchy in 1443, proclaimed by Pope Eugene IV. The city retains much of its picturesque medieval aspects and is notable for a remarkable historical legacy of independent Renaissance culture.

We started our exploration of the city at the statue of Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino, walking down the street that bears his name and passing by the house he was born in; slowly reaching the Duomo and Palazzo Ducale where we watched a performance of Greek national dances and acrobatic stunts.

The duchy of Urbino trully came alive thanks to the ARS (Association Commemoration of Historic Urbino), whose participants wore traditional gowns and were followed by the group of drums and the archers.

The rich program included the fair-market with stands selling handmade jewelry and toys, musicians, the numerous shows and the inns that offered food and drinks  whose smell enriched the air.


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