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Say HELLO to tolerance!

As we all know, Vicolocorto is a non-political, non profitable youth association with specialization in youth work, focused towards the education and mobility. Its mission is to educate young people through non-formal education with the help of volunteers like myself.
One of the perks of the association is to host volunteers form all around the Europe, but also to give a chance to Italian youth to experience the same – to travel abroad, meet new people, learn about different countries and their culture, but overall to participate in an interesting project and have a life-changing experience!

Youth Network MaMa is a Slovenian organization that combines and represents organizations that run youth centres or are active in the field of youth work in Slovenia in order to support youth, their spending of quality free time and a better life on the society. With it’s activities the Youth Network MaMa stimulates and promotes creative activities of youth and emphasize the principles of tolerance, cooperation and at the same time social awarness among members and wider public.


In the EVS project “Say hello to tolearnce“, from 26th September to 28th October, they will host 16 European volunteers that will prepare and execute an EVS promotional campaign, promoting tolerance and social integrations as well as international mobility of youth Erasmus+ Youth in Action programme.

So we sat down with our delightful Ilaria Imbriani, and asked her a couple of question to better understand her motives for participation in this project.

How were you introduced to Vicolocorto Association?
I knew Vicolocorto 4 years ago, when a friend of mine went to Turkey to do a youth exchange with Vicolocorto as sending organization, and after the experience suggested me to do a similar experience.

Have you ever volunteered before?
Before Vicolocorto I volunteered in a doghouse, but it was complitely different.

Is this your first time volunteering abroad?
It is not the first time for me volunteering, but it is the first time I am doing an EVS. I’ve done 2 youth exchanges and one training course abroad on different topics in Georgia, Austria and Poland.

Why did you choose this project?
I choose this project because I was searching first for a short evs (1 or 2 months) and I found this short EVS in Slovenia. I really like the topic (tolerance, social issue, youth centre) and I really like the fact that we will move from town to town across Slovenia.

What can you contribute to the project?
I think I can contribute to this project with my energy and my desire to do, know, challenge myself, learn from other people and improve as a person.

What are your expectations related to the voluntary program?
Actually I have no expectations because I try not to have expectations, but rather to live the moment. I only wish that I meet interesting people and friends and live in a serene atmosphere.

What are your expectations related to the organzation and other participants?
I hope the organization will try to make the best in order to facilitate participants (transports, food, activities)
and make sure it will be a wonderfull project.

Why did you choose this country?
Firstly I choose the project because I like it very much. But I’m also curious to visit and learn from sLOVEnia.

What is your plan for the future? Do you think that EVS can help you to achieve your goals?
I think after this short-term EVS I will make one long-term, because I think I need this at the moment. I need a challenge with myself and I have to grow up as a person so I hope this EVS will help me in this.

Thank you very much for your time, we wish you most of the luck in Slovenia and in the future!



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