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Ratata’Pesarofest – i cinque sensi

Wednesday, September 14, Vicolocorto association was present at the press conference; which was held at the city hall to announce the first edition of Ratata’p Pesaro Festival, the first promotional showcase of all the associations of the territory.

The “RATATA’P PESARO FESTIVAL” wants to be the first festival entirely dedicated to the associations of Pesaro and Marche that are active in the fields of art, culture, social promotion and voluntary service in order to create integration, aggregation and collaboration between citizens.

Proposed and organized by the Team Mamme, in collaboration with Uisp Pesaro Urbino, Csv Marche, AUSER, Pesaroforkids Comune di Pesaro, District 1 Centro Mare, District 2 Pantano Santa Veneranda, District 3 Colline e Castelli, District 5 Cattabrighe and Santa Maria delle Fabbrecce Tombaccia, District 7 Muraglia Montegranaro Ledimar Calcinari and Biblioteca San Giovanni.

The local voluntary sector is very broad: there are about 1000 associations only in the Province of Pesaro and almost 5000 across the region. More than 40 associations of the area will be patrticipating in a day organized to provide entertainment and knowledge sharing, through a rich program of events dedicated to the 5 senses. Library San Giovanni will offer meetings, performances, workshops, music, games, gourment, seminars and debates distributed between interior spaces and furnishings set in the picturesque setting of the garden.

It is time to reorganize the proposals of the various associations in a veritable library of tasks that people can easily see in a real social platform with common goals of growth, capable of having induced positive for our area.


The garden of the library was filled with info desks of various associations representing themselves, as well as people interesed in their work. But the most fun was concentrated on children, offering them lessons in rugby, judo, volleyball and other games.

Vicolocorto association was also at the Library San Giovanni, offering to youth the information about Ersamus+ program and various voluntueering and training opportunities.

For more information about the festival and program, please visit the official site:




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