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Once upon a time in Italy

Hello everybody, my name is Aida and I’m a new volunteer in Vicolocorto Association in Pesaro. I come from a small but lovely country: Lithuania.

Having just finished my studies I’m still undecided what area of activities could completely suit and satisfy me, that is why I am not in a rush to lock myself in an office, but rather choosing to explore what the world can offer to me at the moment and what can actually enable my personal growth.

In the past I have tried many other exchange programs so the time for the EVS has come as well. Because why not, right? Moreover, the chance to live abroad and to be involved in cultural activities have always interested me a lot along with actually being a part of an association and learning how things work in such organizations like Vicolocorto. Having received an invitation to come to Italy made me especially happy as I got the opportunity to finally “migliorare il mio italiano”, the language that I know a little bit already. Even if most of the Italians want to practice their English with foreigners, I believe I will have my “chance to shine” in Italian as well. 🙂

 Besides these humble hopes and dreams of mine to become a native speaker of Italian in 6 months (challenge accepted), I’m also willing to make a great contribution to help young people have their experience abroad – to leave their comfort zones and challenge themselves. It’s because I personally believe that this is an excellent way to learn A LOT about different cultures, lifestyles, points of view, new languages and to become more open-minded and creative.

I can frankly admit, that all of my experiences abroad in Estonia, the Netherlands and the USA made me more mature, more flexible, definitely more open-minded and simply more cheerful human-being.


Now at the very beginning of my Italian experience I hope to explore another amazing country and culture in more depth, learn new things from the people that surround me and share my knowledge with them in return.

Let the fun begin! In bocca al lupo.


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