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Buongiorno Italia!

Ciao everyone!

I am not a boy of many words so let’s keep it briefly.
Asian from Germany – 18 – And READY TO EXPLORE THE WORLD

Okay, I am just joking.
Let me introduce myself to you (in an ordinary way).

My name is Linh Nguyen, I’m 18 years old and come from Germany – better to say Eastern Germany – and I am very happy to engage as a volunteer for Vicolocorto.linh-abiturfoto

I believe that I am a pretty active and open-minded person, who likes to get in touch with (new) people. That’s why I love to do sportive activities or spend time producing funny films with my friends. If I am by myself I like to play or better to say train on the piano too.

4 months ago, in June I finally finished my school
and received my a-level-certificate, so that I can go to
a university; study; have a half-time job and basically
follow the ordinary path of life, right? Not with me! ..At least not right know…

That’s why I chose to have an EVS – I want to experiences new things, meet new people from all over the world and get to know their personality and culture! Because I believe that – especially in this time of the world – we need to get in touch with each other and improve intercultural realtionships.

Sounds fun and adventurous right? Just follow the blog and be part of this amazing trip here in Pesaro!


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