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New volunteer in Vicolocorto: Alysson from France!

Ciao a tutti!

I’m Alysson, a French girl, 23 years old and I come from Lille, a big city next to Belgium (so I could eat French fries all the time aha).


As you see, I don’t speak Italian (for the moment), but I am motivated to learn Italian, because it’s such a beautiful language!

Of course, it’s not the only reason I moved to Pesaro to do an EVS. So let me introduce myself.

I just graduated in Master of Human Resources, in a Work/Study Program, it means that I had courses and worked in a company at the same time, to validate my diploma.

It was really great because I gained experience, but I wanted also to travel and to have an experience in an association. So here I am, in Vicolocorto, in Pesaro, Italy!

During my different personal and professional experiences, I had opportunities to help people to find a job, to take part in several group works by simulating interviews or by providing advices about their CV’s and cover letters. So naturally, I wanted to share my knowledge with people, to help them in having more opportunities.

My professional goal is to work in a professional and social inclusion. So when they proposed me to do a volunteering with Erasmus+ program in Vicolocorto for 6 months who is working for professional and social inclusion of youngsters, I just said immediatly yes, yes I want! (It was not a proposal, but for me it’s the same aha).

Moreover, I never lived abroad.

I’ve been to a lot of countries like Spain, Croatia, Switzerland, Germany, Hungary, also Italy (in Roma), Belgium, the Netherlands , Denmark , Czech Republic and even Vietnam and Cambodia for holidays.


In each country, I met really nice people and I discovered a lot of wonderful landscapes and amazing cultures. So for me, it’s very important to travel because it helps to be more independent, open-minded and adaptable. Like a French expression says, “Les voyages forment la jeunesse” , which means travels help youngsters to improve themself, and I couldn’t say it better.

I’m only in Pesaro since one week, but I already met nice people and discovered amazing places! It seems to be a great start, and I also can’t wait to have more projects at Vicolocorto.

So if you want to live an experience like this, just live your dream and if you are afraid to be alone in a new country, it’s not the case, because there are your EVS tutor, and also other EVS volunteers you could have fun with.

See you in next articles, to follow my adventures as an European, French, and now un po’ Italian SVE girl!

La vida è bella 🙂



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