Servizio Volontario Europeo (EVS), Vicolocorto

Ciao Belli! I’m Demi!

Ciao tutti,

It has been some time since I’ve arrived here in Italy. Two days after I had received my diploma, I was ready to step out of my comfort zone. After a few delays on the way, I was happy to step into the train to Pesaro. I remember I was wearing my winter boots during this hot summer day and I was watching the scenery and stops obsessively, afraid I caught the wrong train. As soon as I arrived I calmed down a little bit. Before coming, I have been warned I must take things slow here, so I tried to follow this advice. I grabbed my notebook, put on my headphones and started to write things down.


My name is Demi and I am eighteen years old. I just finished high school, in which I practiced mostly economic, social and cultural sciences. My interests are varied; (modern) art, music, drawing, reading, playing tennis, having walks, swimming and of course having a good time with friendly people. I come from a city in the Netherlands, close to The Hague, which is called Voorburg, so for me it was a bit amusing hearing that Pesaro is the city of bikes.

Being this young and having little work experience, there already have been some firsts for me during this trip: my first volunteering experience, my first time living with housemates (abroad), my first time traveling on my own and, last but not least, my first ‘aperitivo’. The other volunteers are very welcoming and helpful, as well as my colleagues at Vicolocorto.

Until now, this EVS experience seems like a dream, due to the wonderful opportunities I’ve had. I got to meet very kind people, to receive Italian lessons, to work at Fiesta Globàl, to go to Naples during my on-arrival training and to visit other places and friends I made here in Italy. I like the fact that I am allowed to fulfill different tasks, such as going to the youth center (Totem), meeting up with people for an English conversation and doing promotional work.


I have been able to experience, enjoy and think about my life goals during this EVS project. I discovered EVS is about giving ideas, receiving experience, developing personally and making friends. The reason I decided to do this, is because I wanted to do something completely different than I was used to do. I wanted to work, travel, meet new people, get to know myself and appreciate the world around me. It’s however quite a coincidence I ended up in Italy in particular. I focused rather on the content of the project I wanted to work on than the country I wanted to live in (even though I had a preferred working in South Europe). Now I am more than happy to live here, in a country with plenty of history and delicious food.

After this EVS experience I would like to study communication and information sciences in Utrecht (The Netherlands). I haven’t found my dream job yet, so only time will tell what kind work I will be doing next. For now I am going to make the best of my remaining four months and enjoy la dolce vita here in Italy.


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