A Guide for Pesaro

As volunteers living abroad for half a year in Italy, getting to know the language, customs and habits of this country (and, more specifically, the region of Pesaro) is important in order to blend in and live the best possible EVS experience. But not only this is important: Pesaro is also full of funny activities, nightlife, delicious restaurants, unforgettable landscapes, ancient history,… etc. So, after being here for a couple of months, and with a little more experience, we have decided to create a travel guide series about Pesaro. With this, we intend to give an idea of how is to live in this town, based in our experience so far. We will divide the guide in several sections that we will post weekly and each one of them will cover a different topic. Today, we are going to talk about Pesaro and other interesting places to visit while being here.


With this first section, we hope to help others to discover new places either in Pesaro itself or in its surroundings. Since we visited only a view places in this region, it would be impossible, given the size of this region, to point out every special place. Nevertheless, in this article, we’ll share our bests discoveries.



Considering the region of which Pesaro is one of the cities that makes the province, which is called Pesaro-Urbino, this should provoke some curiosity about the other city of this region, Urbino. Almost everyone living in Pesaro has been in Urbino at least ones, and this is not so strange. Urbino is a beautiful city in a medieval style and one of the main centres of the Italian Renaissance, hence nowadays we are allowed to call it a World Heritage Site.



Earlier this year, an article about Montefabbri, in which ‘la Fiesta Globàl’ took place, appeared on the blog. This little village, with only forty inhabitants and an amazing view on the mountains, leaves us with a magical feeling. We can call ourselves lucky we were allowed to participate in the festival which takes place every year and to experience the wonderful feeling it caused. It’s kind of a forgotten place, where one could relax and enjoy the lovely view.


Belforte all’Isauro

Belforte is another small village in the province of Marche. It is located in the Upper Foglia Valley, and contains a little but charming castle dating back to the High Medieval period, now reconverted in a hostel. Definitely a must see!


Tetto del Mondo (Parco Naturale del San Bartolo)

This is place literally means ‘The Roof Of The World’ and this name is given to this place for a reason. Standing here, you have a beautiful view of the region. Depending on the time (of the year), it is very nice place to have a little time for yourself or a pleasant time with friends and to watch the view (and maybe even the sunset).


Gradara Castle

This town is famous for its massive castle, which is one of the best preserved in Italy. Each year there are events which take place in and around the castle, which causes a magical ambience. For an overview of the events, you can check www.gradara.org.


These are a few of many beautiful places to explore while being in the region. As we said before, we have been here for two months so there are still a lot of places to discover. It may not be Milan, Rome or Venice, but Italy is full of history everywhere and of magical places to visit, hidden treasures that few people know and that really worth a visit.

Isabel and Demi


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