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EVS project “WrocLove Science” came to an end!

An EVS project “WrocLove Science” in Wroclaw, Poland came to the end.
It was an educational initiative aimed at young people starting their careers. The aim of the project was to acquire practical knowledge, skills and attitudes difficult to gain while studying but in the same time sometimes necessary in the labor market. The project was attended by four volunteers – two from Italy and two from Spain. The task of the volunteers was work with students and pupils at risk of social exclusion. Vicolocorto was a partner in this project.
The program was designed to enable participants to develop on many levels. During the project volunteers, with the support of the Foundation staff and based on their experience and scientific programs of Omniveda Foundation, have prepared an educational program for school children struggling with economic and geographical difficulties. Volunteers have been comprehensively prepared to perform their tasks through participation in numerous training sessions, workshops and study visits. During the classes volunteers provided also various information about their country, culture, language, their passions and fields of interests. As a result of it the program of their volunteering has gained an intercultural dimension, which has had a great impact on enhancing world curiosity, understanding for diversity and respect for cultural differences among children and young people taking part in workshops.
The culmination of the workshops was the organization of summing-up mini-academies in each of the partner schools, which was attended by teachers and school principals, parents, but also representatives of the Department of Education of the City of Wroclaw. During the academies kids were able to show their learning outcomes and achievements as well involve wider local community into participation of the project. The results of the project were also a blog run by participants and promoting results of the project and encouraging the participation of young people in volunteering programs. Another result was a movie presenting the project “WrocLove Science” in Wroclaw. Each of the volunteers created their own dossier, collecting the results of their half-year stay on the EVS project in Wrocław as well as the individual youthpass certificate.  

Interested in the project? Check the blog here: or/and watch the movie:


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