A Guide for Pesaro: it’s FOOD time!

Hello everyone! We are glad to be back to the Guide for Pesaro! Last week we talked about the surroundings of our lovely town, beautiful places and spots worthy of visit. This week however, we will be focusing on Pesaro itself, and we are going to talk about one of the most controversial topics in the country: food. Yes, Italians take the food subject really seriously, so we apologize in advance if the choices made in this article don’t match with everyone’s  preference. These choices are –like in the previous article– based in our experiences so far, complemented also with the opinions of other EVS volunteers. Having said that, let’s begin!


There are many places in the town where you can have aperitivo. But, first of all, let’s explain what this exactly is. Generally between 7 and 9 pm, Pesarese people are used to have a drink while eating snaks. A glass of wine, an Aperol Spritz, some patatine fritte, cheese and prosciutto… It is not a dinner, but depending on the bar you can eat a lot for a small price. This take us to BarBarella, a bar next  to Theater Rossini. This is a perfect place for eating good, and has enough space upstairs for making a quite big meeting of friends.

We want to mention also a second place for having aperitivo. As the name says, the Bar Golden Beach is located in the beach, so when the weather is good  you can enjoy a really good aperitivo while watching the sea.

Bar Golden Beach: €4 – €6

BarBarella: €4 – €10



If you haven’t eaten a ‘piadina’ yet, you should hurry. It’s a thin Italian flatbread, typically prepared in the Romagna historical region. Da Peppe is not only the perfect place to meet piadina for the first time but also to enjoy other sea food.

Da Peppe: € 7 – € 18



C’era una volta means literally translated: once upon a time. This particular place has a warm atmosphere; the staff is friendly, the interior, as well as the exterior, cozy and it is close to the theatre. There is a large choice of pizza’s and the prices are very reasonable. Highly recommended!

Farina, a pizzeria close to the beach, is loved by many people who have eaten there. This place has a nice ambience and the products are biological, which makes them also healthier. It’s no surprise Farina is marked as the best pizzeria on trip advisor. When you go there: don’t forget to try a pizza Rossini (named after the famous composer born in Pesaro).

C’era una volta: €10 – €20

Farina: € 10 – € 20



We know, we know, this is definitely not Italian food. But for the sushi lovers like us we need at least one restaurant per town to enjoy this Japanese dish, and luckily Pesaro has several. Two of them are Hachikò and Sakura. Both of them are delicious and have the option of a free buffet. Hachikò is more far of the city center than the other one, but it’s worth every step to it.

Sakura: €11 – €22

Hachikò: €15 – €20



Alice Il Gelato Delle Meraviglie: Whenever we talk with local people about Alice, they always know about which gelateria we’re talking about. Alice is a small place near the beach. It is absolutely the ice cream itself that makes this place so well-known: the combination of the tastes are special and delicious, whereby it doesn’t get boring.

Il Gelato Di Juri: Of course, to almost every foreigner here in Italy the ice creams are heaven, but again this one tastes great. There are a couple il gelato di juri’s places in the city. The places are all nice and the deserts are delicious.

Alice: €3 – €4

Juri: € 3 – € 5



We’re not going to deny it: beer is not cheap in Pesaro. But the Birreria L’Hospoda is a very cheap option where you can drink it (always with moderation, of course). This local has more than 50 types of birra that imports from the Czech Republic, and it is the perfect choice to make if you want a delicious beer. The 4 stars at TripAdvisor don’t lie!

Birreria L’Hospoda: €3-5




And, last but not least important, we finish this gastronomic tour of Pesaro with our recommendation for drinking coffee. At the seacoast, we find El Cid. Don’t be fooled by its name, it is not a Spanish restaurant. They prepare Italian food and serve one of the best coffees in town. This fact, combined with a great location (next to the famous “Palla di Pomodoro”), makes El Cid one of the best places for relaxing and enjoy the drink.

El Cid: €1,5

Isabel and Demi


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