Servizio Volontario Europeo (EVS), Vicolocorto

Dear Diary… I’m Nayra!

Dear Diary,1

It starts my experience in Pesaro. I leave on stand by a life in Barcelona to introduce me on one of the experiences that I hope will be the most enriching of my life. I bring a backpack full of illusions, hope, fears, expectations, ideas and motivation.

I’ve only been in Pesaro for 35 hours and I love it, from what I have been able to perceive it is a very cozy and quiet city. It is cold but I can live with that, I haven’t tasted typical Italian food yet but I still have 9 months to delight with its gastronomy. Pesaro has everything  you need to live and, above all things, it has sea! Italian is charming, cheerful and dynamic: I look forward to learnig it! I’ve noticed that is not only similar to Spanish, so it’s to Catalan! So that could help me learn. The people who I’ve had the opportunity to meet have been very friendy and cordial, so Pesaro is far from being a place that I want to leave.

I hope to get to know people, places, food, languages, infinite variety of habits, soak in multiculturalism, give the best from me and be useful. My idea is that things happen for a reason, that they don’t arrive to yourself without a purpose, so there is some reason that I still have to discover that explains why it’s been possible for me to live what I have to live. I have opened my senses, expectant and conscious ready to be stimulated, so let’s go EVS! Let’s discover how this story continues…


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