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A week of good practices in Pesaro

From February 18th to 25th , Vicolocorto hosted eight members of four different European organisations working with youth. This visit was part of a project called “Cultural diversity as a learning tool in youth work” which started one year ago and will last until 2019. The project’s aim is to visit the five partner countries (Spain, Italy, Latvia, Slovenia and the UK) and to get to know the associations’ best practices regarding cultural diversity and youth work. The best practices found by all participants will be collected in a “Good Practices guide” that later will be published in different languages.

The first visit was in November, in Slovenia, and the next will take place in May, in Latvia.

In order to find the good practices, during their stay in Pesaro, the participants visited the Employment Centre of Pesaro, Totem Youth Centre, Wanda di Ferdinando Foundation and, of course, Vicolocorto. They were also invited to join some of the weekly implemented actvities; the “Talk Together” language conversations, for example, in the library (organised by Vicolocorto in cooperation with the Youth Information Centre); and a cooking workshop in Totem where they learned how to make piadina together with children from the centre.


We asked four of the participants about their experience in Pesaro and about the good practices that they will take home from Vicolocorto. Here’s what they told us:

Viktorija Kos (Zavod Voluntariat – Slovenia): I can see that Vicolocorto is like an umbrella for many different organizations such as the Red Cross, InformaGiovani (in partnership with the library), Totem… bringing together all these organizations from different areas is a big advantage.

Carlos García (Asociación Cultural Integra – Spain): Pesaro is a really beautiful and quiet city. Unfortunately, it was raining all week but we are used to it in Coruna. As for the activities, the “Talk Together” activity was perfect. It’s an informal way to learn a new language and maybe also a good way to break some of the stereotypes we have about people from other countries.


Penelope Clifton (Community Action Dacorum – UK): First of all, I like the character of the city of Pesaro, it seems very cohesive and inclusive, nobody’s in a rush. Also, it was great to see how people engage; the “Talk Together” initiative was impressive. I think we could use that, particularly for migrants and refugees. Then, Totem was fantastic, Mery is truly inspirational and the place is very inclusive, bringing together people of all ages and abilities. And the idea of providing equal opportunities regardless of skill level, for example in ceramics workshop, it impressed me, too.

Ieva Upesleja (Positiva Doma – Latvia): Vicolocorto manages to send and host a lot of volunteers which is really impressive, because you never know how much you can influence someone’s life and what will be the outcome of such an experience. The way they manage to encourage schools to work with them and organise activities is also really interesting. Yesterday, we went to Totem and we loved how they manage to create a family environment where everyone is welcome regardless of their background.


For us, volunteers of Vicolocorto, having visitors around for a week was interesting and fun. We got to share our daily routine and activities with new people, and learn about the reality of other associations in Europe.

To learn more about the project “Cultural diversity as a learning tool in youth work” and to find information about the “Good practices guide“, you can follow our Facebook page , the project’s Facebook page or visit our website.

Karolina, Filipa, Nayra & Léa

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