Servizio Volontario Europeo (EVS), Vicolocorto

The wonderful experience of living aboard

I’m Gautier, a 21 years old man from France arrived in Pesaro less than one month ago to do a EVS here. After doing a Science High School I did one year of Art university, then I did a skills upgrade classes of Applied Art (design), in which I want to continue. But before continuing my studies in that field I wanted to travel aboard, to live in another country, and more precisely in Italy. After this experience I would like to continue design studies in Italy if possible.

I’m someone who really likes giving service to people, to do whatever I can to help the most and being useful for others so a friend told me about the EVS possibility, which appears to me as the greatest thing I could do. Because it can allows me by doing something really concrete to gain in autonomy and maturity, to live in a country for many mouths and discover the most I can in it, to improve language, to discover a new culture, to meet many people from different countries and with different values, a really interesting and sharing experience

I wanted to do my EVS in Italy because I already came here a few times and it’s the European country I appreciate the most and I really want to live in here in the future, and also when I came here it was most in a touristic way and I really wanted to go further and to live here to feel precisely what is living in this amazing country.

This project proposed by Vicolocorto was exactly the project which correspond perfectly to my expectations, a Project which is linked to Education, Culture and Creativity and which is really social and interactive. We exchange with many youngsters of different ages, in English, in Italian, by doing workshops, discussing, sharing, .. ! This organization gave me the opportunity to live this unforgettable experience and I’m really grateful about that, and it’s been only few weeks that I’m here (already?! that goes so fast), it’s just the beginning of a long and exciting story 🙂




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