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Together for Inclusion! Disseminating the ALL IN Project

The dissemination event of the international project ALL IN took place at the Job Center of Pesaro on the 19th of March 2019. The evnt was hosted by Vicolocorto, an association founded in 2006, based in Pesaro and working with the local and European youth by facilitating their mobility. The presentation started with Laura, president of Vicolocorto, and Carolina, EVS coordinator of Vicolocorto, quickly explaining the topics and introducing the persons that were to speak in front of an assembly composed of representants of associations and volunteers.

The next person to speak was Sabina Carozzo, the representant of EURES in Pesaro, and her task is actually to talk about EURES and its opportunities. EURES is a European platform on which workers and employers from countries members of  the European Union can interact, meet, and ultimately work together. Sabina explains that it is on one hand a great opportunity for young people struggling in their job research to go abroad, interact with different people and get experience; and, on the other hand, a great benefit for employers and companies to recruit foreign workers that can share their knowledge and skills and use them in different contexts.

Laura, in being the president of an association that also hosts volunteers coming from foreign countries, plays a short video directed by one of the previous volunteers, Lea Bazin. Taking place in Pesaro, it follows another volunteer, Nayra, narrating her life and her feelings about her mission and her experience in Pesaro. It is a very funny and interesting moment as all the volunteers present in the room can relate to this short “documentary” and what transpires from it: feelings of friendships, accomplishment and growth.

A short coffee break follows the video and when we came back to the room, two partenrs of the project came up on stage: the Austrian Inga Baltina and the Spanish Estefania De Lamo Bravo. Inga is the main coordinator of the “All In” Project and is here to explain it.

The ALL IN Project involves 8 countries from the European Union: Austria, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria, Belgium, Scotland and Slovenia, and it is based on inclusion from an intersectional perspective. Thanks to the project, the partners developed and tested training modules and support material that can include and target many kinds of people, whether it concerns associations working with kids, people with disability, whether they are trainers or animators or volunteers involved in social projects.


It has taken Inga two years to build this ambitious project from the scratch and make it happen and after all this work, she was proud and confident of the aims and by sharing the results of the project. Vicolocorto has also been involved in the project, especially in the creation of the Manual, which will be soon accessible to everybody.

After Inga, Estefania contributed to the event by sharing the objectives and the results of the projects in a practical way. She works for one of the many associations that were involved in the ALL IN Project, a Spanish association that helps and works with people with disabilities. To illustrate the results obtained during the courses and trainings, Estefania showed a few pictures of the training sessions with the modules of the project. The event was part of the conclusion of a long project that allowed a lot of people coming from different countries, associations and backgrounds, to meet, study, work and create new ways of dealing with inclusion, and finding solutions together.

Paul and Enric


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