Servizio Volontario Europeo (EVS), Vicolocorto

My Italian experience

Hello, I’m Lara, a 22 year-old French girl doing a volunteering project in Italy. Here is why I left Grenoble,my city in South East of France, to join a team of volunteers in the Pizza Rossini town.

After a degree in languages, I chose to study journalism for one year in order to enter a journalism school. I refused to think about what I really wanted by taking my time, and spending one year at home was not conceivable, so this new year was supposed to be kind of a revelation for me. As you can guess, journalism was not as cool as expected. This sector appeared to me as very superficial, with people boasting that they had more knowledge than everyone. Nothing was really making sense for me, so found myself again trying to find what to do with my future. That’s why I decided to take a gap year.


For this new year, I wanted to find something in which I could be involved without being
constantly in competition, something that I could really feel. A friend of mine, who was doing a volunteering project in Spain, told me about this opportunity she found on a Facebook group. That’s how I heard of Vicolocorto. Two weeks later, I was in the train to Pesaro, leaving that summer job I just obtained ( sorry mom ) . I packed my luggage the day before, was late for my train and almost missed Pesaro’s station.


I’ve been here for 2 months now. It feels so good not to have others’ pressure concerning my own future. The people I’m with are kindly and we’re in the same boat, it’s quite cool to feel this common energy. We are working together in summer camps and youth center, and each day is a weird mixture of Italian, French and Spanish. Pesaro is a nice coastal city, not that touristic while very sunny and enjoyable. I already experienced a lot of things here, such as eating innumerable gelati, tasting the pizza Rossini ( che schifo! ) or defeating children at table soccer. But most of all, I discover new people and other cultures, and I think this is one of the best aspects of this EVS. I still have nine months ahead of me, and I’m sure they will be part of my life’s most outstanding ones.



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