Servizio Volontario Europeo (EVS), Vicolocorto

My dream came true in Italy

Hi, I am Adrienn from Hungary and I am 19 years old. I am a volunteer in the Federation of Children’s and Youth Municipal Government of Orosháza since 2013. I just graduated from Vocational School as a Pastry Chef.

I always liked to be a volunteer, because giving makes me happy, it is something that I enjoy doing. There are a lot of people who do something that they don’t like, but I don’t want to be one of them.


In 2019 September I wanted to continue my studies, but one day, scrolling down on Facebook I saw that there is an opportunity to be a volunteer in Poland, so I applied. Unfortunately, they didn’t choose me, but at that time I applied to other voluntary services too. Suddenly I got an email, saying that I become chosen in Turkey, Poland and Italy too. That was a big surprise for me and I was happy because I could choose. I have friends in Italy, I love pizza, pasta and gelato so why not choose Italy! Since I am passionate about language learning it was a good opportunity for me, because I know that it is much easier to learn a language by living in the country so even though I learn other languages too I set a goal which is to achieve B1 or B2 in Italian within these 10 months.

Even though I have been a volunteer for such a long time, here in Italy it is different. It’s good to do something different in a different atmosphere. I think everyone should do it, because it is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I hope I will discover myself more through this experience and collect a lot of memories.



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