Servizio Volontario Europeo (EVS), Vicolocorto

Breaking news!

Pesaro, Marotta, Senigallia and Ancona: in the past six months, people in these places along the scenic shoreline of the Italian Marche region have noticed peculiar youngsters among them. Locals reported squeaking noises of rusty bikes, accompanied by laughter and strange languages spoken.
The Italians are confused. Who are these people? 

Mentor Daniele from the association Vicolocorto provides clarity: “These are volunteers from all over Europe. They are part of the European Solidarity Corps programme, which means they work voluntarily in different institutions here in Marche. To name just a few, they are currently supporting the Croce Rossa, the intercultural centre Le Rondini, the table tennis club Tennistavolo and many more. At the moment, we host volunteers from Spain, France, Austria, Germany, Poland, Estonia, Hungary, Denmark and Lativa.

To gain more information on this volunteering project, our news reporter also had a chat with Senigallia volunteer Nina. This is what Nina told us about her experience:
I am from Austria. People often say that our minds are as narrow as our valleys, but let me prove you wrong! I absolutely love being here in Senigallia. My volunteer service allows me to take a gap year between high school and university. I can travel through Italy, but I can still feel useful at the same time. My job is to work with kids in an afternoon childcare called “Le Rondini”, and it didn’t take me long to become fond of these lively, lovely kids. Moreover, I cannot stress enough how thankful I am to have met so many great people! Starting from my roommates, to my ever supportive hosting organisation and work place. I would recommend this to everyone who gets the chance to spend time abroad. 

In conclusion, it can be said that these “strange” volunteers among the people of Marche aren’t that strange at all. Maybe, if you hear someone speaking English next to you in a bar while you’re enjoying your caffè, it might be well worth starting a conversation with them. Or, it might also be a great idea to start your own journey as a European volunteer. What are you waiting for?




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