Servizio Volontario Europeo (EVS), Vicolocorto

How to have fun during CORONA-time

Since three weeks the emergency state dominates in Italy, in other words we are quarantined. In a period of time we are not allowed to go for work, because we work as volunteers in the Youth Center Totem in Pesaro. We are just allowed to leave our house for grocery shopping and going to the pharmacy, nothing more. So what can we do during this time?

The first week we were still able to leave the house also for some sports in a little extent but as I wrote it changed then. Within the first week we were in contact with the instructors over the phone to stay updated about what we were going to do.


Luckily the educators at Totem came up with a nice idea about how we can pass this time together with a lot of fun and it all started in the second week.  The idea is pretty simple and obvious. We do video chats over our phones or laptops so that we can stay in contact with the educators and some kids and teenager from TOTEM.

Basically, we are talking with the people over ZOOM, an app with which you can make video calls. We also played city, country, river with them. It was really cool and it worked surprisingly good and we are enjoying this time very much. 

We also helped a kid with the homework over a whatsapp video chat because the kids have also video chats with their teachers at school. I think that’s really cool so that the kids can pass at least some time of their day with useful activities. 

We will see how fast this situation will be solved and what we are going to do the next.

The most important thing is to stay positive and don’t let you overwhelm with all the news in the media!

Julien, Rebeka, Fiona and Fabio


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