Red Cross, Vicolocorto

Now it’s volunteer time!

Schermata 2020-04-30 alle 11.13.04What are volunteers from Croce Rossa – Comitato Locale di Pesaro doing during quarantine? Even in these tense times we are having lots of fun! 

 How do we work?

With masks and gloves of course! We do the grocery shopping, supporting the staff of the Red Cross, for other people and pick up their medicine. Sometimes it can be challenging to understand all the words and find the things that are written on a grocery list. But it’s a great chance to learn more vocabularies! What’s more, it feels really good being able to help the people somehow in this special situation.

 After bringing the groceries to the people it’s time for a Biliardino break! Schermata 2020-04-30 alle 11.12.51

We love to spend time with playing table soccer. There are a lot of working people in the Red Cross, so we have many challengers. Right now, I bet on a coffee with somebody. Girls playing against boys is also popular. It’s fun and during playing a match, time flies.

 These intense sport lessons are followed by……….FOOD! 

 So let’s cook and bake for and with flatmates. The good thing of quarantine is that you have enough time to discover new recipes and make others happy with food. The most amazing thing to see is their faces when the food is at the table. 

Ouff… so much good food, I need a nap!

 Especially on this amazing massage chair.  If  something to cuddle is needed, in Croce Rossa there are a stuffed animals available. And of course, don’t forget your mask! 🙂

 Now it’s time for sport!

It’s really important, especially during quarantine times, to stay active. So let’s do Zumba! Dancing is not only a physical activity, it is also good for the mental health. And don’t forget to be crazy and smile!

All in all, I can say that we make the best out of this situation and are still enjoying our time in our European Solidarity Corps project. We try new things, recipes, eat a lot and do a lot of naps. 

Always remember: You can’t influence what happens to you but you decide your reaction. So stay positive and smile!



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