A Volunteering Experience in the Baseball Club Pesaro

The Baseball Club Pesaro has been running since 1968 and they have played in Serie A multiple times over the years. This club has teams of all ages and they organize and participate in multiple tournaments, as well as other events and dinners. Nevertheless, they didn’t count with European volunteers until now, but their offer for young people that can come volunteer here is wide. From helping to organize different events and activities of cultural content for the young players to assisting with the practices if you have a good knowledge of the sport, passing by doing promotional and social media content and, also, organizing diverse sport activities for the smaller children (10-13 years old). I recommend you inform yourself first if you think this opportunity is for you.

So, if you want to know more about this volunteering experience, I advise you to listen directly to the opinion of past volunteers, among which you’ll find mine:

Hi! I’m Area, a Spanish girl turning 22 that decided to do a volunteering experience here in Italy. As expected for the times we are living (aka COVID) I got here, and anything went as I thought it would go. In between my many different and diverse volunteer project experiences I finally ended cooperating with a local baseball club in a small city in the north of Italy, crazy right? I’ve never done anything related to baseball before, I didn’t even know that five minutes from where I was living here in Pesaro there was a baseball club. But, nevertheless, I found in this club a real sense of community and a lot of caring for the kids, not just about their baseball technique, but for their development as little persons, helping them to learn about the perks of growing up and to build a healthy relation with sport in general. How did we cooperate? We focused on preparing diverse sport activities and games for the kids, so they would have fun at the same time they are active and trying to teach about our own cultural traditions in the middle. 

If I had to sum up what this experience gave me, I would say that I discover a beautiful sport that I have never thought about, I met a fun hyperactive group of Italian kids that taught me more about Italy than I taught them about my country, and I also had the opportunity to meet a great baseball coach that has helped us a lot. Come on! He even took us to pick olives in Italy! 

Hola! I am Víctor, I am a Spanish musician of 25 years and I am in Pesaro living my volunteering adventure in this period of pandemic. How was my experience in the Baseball Pesaro club? My experience with sports is very wide. I had practiced football, karate, tennis… and the last years, I have been playing volleyball and running big races (half-marathons). I had never expected that at some point of my life I would practice baseball, but I can say that it was a very nice and positive surprise. It is a very complicated, delicate and serious sport. You need to practice very much the technique and the concepts, adding that it is a very complete training for all your body.

For the first moment in this society so crazy and fun about baseball, I have felt inside a very healthy and happy company with young people doing different activities and, although, with the situation of covid-19 everything is more difficult, they are very sure that they want to work with volunteers like me and my colleagues. With this topic, to give the kids the opportunity to know new cultures and languages. On the other hand, the purpose of the Pesaro Baseball is that the kids not only focus on baseball, they want the kids to do other kinds of cultural activities, international events, language exchange and educational sport discipline. I can say that it is rarely the case in other sports disciplines.

In my case, I had the opportunity to increase my learning of the Italian language, because the kids (10-12) don’t have enough level to talk English. At the same time, the opportunity of teaching from traditional games to some cultural things about our countries in a dynamic and funny way.

Ciao! My name is Anne, I am from Germany, currently 19 years old and if I took one lesson from 13 years of physical education in school, it was that I should stay away from games involving any kind of balls. So you can maybe imagine what my first thoughts were, when I was suggested to cooperate and help in the training of a young, local, baseball team. Yes, I was overflowing with joy. 

But as so often first thoughts are not the most trustworthy: In the month I have cooperated there, I have learned more than maybe in all my physical education classes. Not to give you wrong expectations, I am still quite bad with the ball, but therefore I have learned a lot about the sport of baseball, about Italian kids, their language and culture, about the sense of community  existing in the baseball club Pesaro, and thanks to our amazing Trainer also about things like picking olives and making olive oil.

This experience was as unexpected as it was exceptional, and I will sure always remember it and wear my red “Pesaro Baseball” Cap with pride 😉

HI! I am Dorian and I come from the north of France. My experience up close with the baseball club has been really good. Before ending up in this cooperation I just knew baseball by name and some things that I watched in movies. I am not even familiar with any name of a French baseball club. Also, I liked doing activities with the kids, that are aged from 10 to 13 years old, they are fun, and they have a lot of energy. The trainer is also nice, and he really wants us to be able to learn some of the techniques of the sport. I could say that, for me, it is much more fun to practice it than to watch it. In addition, I could say that it is not as complicated as you would think at first sight.

Area, Victor, Anne & Dorian


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