See how the world goes round but you’ve got to help yourself

Hi, I am Vlad from Riga, Latvia. I am 25 years old, still young and sometimes beautiful. I dream about becoming a famous singer but maybe I could be already if I could have a discipline. Anyway, I want to be happy. I am vegan for more than 4 years and I am still here and well. Please, don’t worry about that.

For me 2020 started as brilliant as it could be. I met a new friend and I found the new level of self-esteem. I quit the job and got a way to see the life. I thought that these changes were true but they were not, it was more like a manic period of time, I felt like Jim Carrey in a “Bruce Almighty”. After than – the quarantine, the lockdown, a depression, sorrow and frights. It was horrible, for me 2020 went as bad as it was for a lot of us. I went through a very dark moment in my life when I questioned my purpose for even existing in this world. For good, I survived and started to think about the opportunities. Not like the dreams about the bright career of a pop-star or living at the other side of the world but about those which were real for me at that time.

My story here in Pesaro has started only more than a week ago but it already gave me a lot of new thoughts, emotions and insights about myself. I have only started to connect to the environment here and to get the place where I am now. I want to be helpful and friendly and I will try a little bit for that. It was very uplifting to get an invitation from Vicolocorto especially at these times. I searched for the opportunity or the possibility to change my everyday life and I have got it.

The line in the one of the Keane‘s songs is “See how the world goes round but you’ve got to help yourself“. It is a rule for me now. I always wanted to be important, famous and helpful but the previous year showed me that it will be impossible while I need a help and attention for myself. It is the other one reason why I am here now. It can be the same for you if you need that. There are a lot of new things and awesome people around and you cannot be the same after one year. I am sure about that.

I dreamed about the opportunity to go to a more developed European country for a long time. Latvia is beautiful and not so crowded but relatively cold and sometimes just boring and society there is not as much modern as it can be. The volunteering gave me the option to reach the one of the places I dreamed of. I always enjoyed speaking English, I like to spend my time in crowds and I have wonderful memories from my trips to other European countries, so there was not a lot of time for thinking about the applying. I already do not regret that. Even if the coronavirus makes our life harder, there is no time to be bored. There always will be something to do and someone to meet. It is a great option to become more social and proactive, especially if you are used to be slightly the opposite kind of a person or you just already lost and unmotivated because of the COVID nightmare.

What will you like about Pesaro? Wonderful volunteers, warm and sunny weather, the new way of living. Why can you apply for the voluntary service? At least for the changes you need. If you are ready for them, this experience can be very profitable and it can bring you something importantly new. Even if I am still contact with my therapist and some things are still a bit tough for me, the situation is better than it can be if I could stay in Latvia. This city and this project can become the best alternatives for now and I wish everyone to get the same possibly exciting and challenging experience.

Stay healthy and be proud of yourself.



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