Europe is Art

Art is a language, that unites the whole world, like English is supposed to do it. Both languages are really important to connect with different people from different countries. 

This is how Baptiste and I were included in the after school English lessons from the Liceo Artistico Ferruccio Mengaroni in Pesaro. The school focuses on art and created an English lesson, in which students between 14 and 15 year old, could practice English, while learning  something about the European Union. Of course, art of any kind is always considered. 

Together with the English teacher Melanie, who was born in England, we share our opinions about art, unity and how these topics are implemented in Europe, with youngsters. Every Tuesday afternoon, we meet over Zoom, to discuss for example about cultural identity. This is really interesting and a good opportunity for the students to learn more about different countries, because Baptiste and I talk about the French and the German culture: how we experience the culture and how different they can be from other countries. We created our own collage and presented them to everyone. 

Not only the kids learned something new about our countries, we learned a lot more about the Italian culture and the country as well. It was funny to hear, that even the Italians are annoyed by the chaotic Italian traffic, even if, it is normal for them! 

This exchange of cultural habits was also good to clear up stereotypes, that are not always true and which can be a barrier for someone that is afraid to travel to another country, because of them. Furthermore, to show the kids more about the European Union, we did a presentation, which included all the important facts and how we experience the EU in our daily life. Students, who participate really passionately in the English course, have the chance to do an exchange with another country to see everything with their own eyes. Without Covid 19, they actually do a lot of excursions to art museums and important sights. Even if we do not have the chance yet to see them in real life, it is a cool experience, that I enjoy.  

The students are all really nice and interested in what we have to say. I was surprised about their good English level. When I was as young as they are, my English was literally horrible, so probably, I also learn something new from the teacher.

Melanie is a really nice and patient teacher, who actually supports and believes in her students. You could really see, that she loves her job and enjoys teaching the kids. I have to say, I am kind of jealous, because I did not have a good English teacher when I was still in school. Back then, I was so afraid to say even a word in English, because I always thought it is wrong and the teacher is going to laugh about me. This is why I am very happy for these students, which have a teacher that includes and supports everyone equally. In general, the lessons are a good way to practice English while talking about something that they like and enjoy. 

We are looking forward to further lessons.  



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