The new era of Youthpass: what is changing?

The meeting was attended by myself and nonetheless it was only for an hour everything was clear thanks to the precise meaningfulness of Mrs. Adele Tinaburri.

Last Thursday, the 21st of October 2021 our association was formally invited by the National Agency of Youth to participate in an online presentation, thanks to the zoom platform, of the launch of the new Youthpass.

For anyone who is still not acquainted with the Youthpass certificate, or simply in need of a refresh to the memory, I will leave the summary definition:

Youthpass is an instrument to acknowledge and certify the various competences and the results obtained by the non-formal education within the Erasmus+ programs and European Solidarity Corps. A real and personal reflection that will help the participants with their future professional and life journey.”

That said, the online meeting was created to talk about the new Youthpass certificate that will engage the form, the contents and the strategies of action for the next seven years, starting from 2022. The new strategy will be based on three levels of action: to implement the Youthpass, develop the potential of learning and the recognition of the Youth Work, to inform and support the system and the politics on the acknowledgment and validation of it.

Great news will involve the form and the use of the Youthpass. The certificate will be divided in three parts: the first part will regard the description of the project, general information of the program, and the anagrafical ones of who compiles it. The second part will acknowledge the context of learning, the results and the beneficiaries can choose to not use that part or write a general description. The third part will be based on the details of the project and it can be filled in describing in detail all the activities done, adding photos and videos or just writing a general description.   

Also the certificate will be more flexible for a sense of “ownership” becoming a personal portfolio where it can be inserted more than one experience abroad, even if it finished years ago. And the beneficiaries can also request a Youthpass certificate for the team members of the project and not only for themselves.

Last but not least important news is about the YANS instrument, acronym for Youthpass Automatic Notification System.

The system was created to send through emails, some reminders throughout the duration of the project, for a maximum of seven notifications that will arrive to the participant, with tips and indications regarding the learning process and the drafting of the Youthpass. All the involved associations into the various European programs were being strongly advised to test this function in order to give feedback to the SALTO platform.

The informative session was carried out in two days, Thursday 21st for the note, and Friday 22nd of October and it gained lots of response from all over Italy, because it is essential for the associations working with European programs like ESC, Erasmus+, to keep being updated on all the news.


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