The Red Cross of Cingoli at the fair

Last Tuesday November the 2nd 2021, after the stop because of the pandemic and sanitary crisis of the previous year, it was carried out again the “Fiera dei morti” that in Cingoli is one of the most awaited events into town.

After two years where everything was stopped it was good to return to see the town center full again of stands, of people walking and of curious children. During this festive times there was present even the Committee of the Red Cross of Cingoli, with various activities and the old famous food stand.

Given the huge attendance and the good weather, people stopped at the activities created for the occasion, such as the fishing for charity and the polaroid photo point.

And in those two activities created by the Youth Group of the Red Cross, took also part the guys and girls hosted and being part of the European Solidarity Corp Project.

Sandrine (Belgium), Markel (Spain), Eric (France), Krzysztof (Poland), Phillip (Germany) put themselves out there, becoming real protagonists, from the setting up to the actual activities.

It was them that actually animated the two most strategic points: especially during the early morning, before the fair started they got together with the other young volunteers to set up the polaroid photo point, with lights, colourful leaves, chestnuts, pine cones to recreate the autumn atmosphere inside one of the rooms given to us from the ex vaccine center of the town. After that they took some proof photos to enjoy themselves and to appeal people passing by.

Regarding the charity game point, it has to be said that the guys acted as their best. They gifted children with balloons with a big smile, even if it was hidden behind the mask, but well visible in the eyes. They did campaign in Italian and so they made their Italian teacher proud, as to say me.

Their presence was pleasing to everyone and they integrated so well with the other volunteers and with the people who came to the fair.

Then, in the evening, they helped to dismantle all the equipment and even if the fatigue of the day was getting to them, the satisfaction they felt repaid them of everything.

To conclude I say that day for the Red Cross of Cingoli has been a success, mostly because the people who collaborated feel to be part of a group and this applies also to the European volunteers.

When you feel integrated into something, everything makes sense.


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