A volunteering Project in the Red Cross of Cingoli

The Committee of the Red Cross of Cingoli is an important and active part of the little town between the hills of Marche. 

The paths of Vicolocorto association and of the Red Cross met three years ago with the very first experiences of European volunteering, precisely with the arrival of the first two volunteers Ainhoa Arroyo and Veronika Dvorska. 

And we can say that this love story between European volunteers and Cingoli’s Committee is a long-lasting relationship and full of beautiful stories. 

The Red Cross of Cingoli counts more than two hundred volunteers, and with the arrival of the European volunteers, some personal projects have been organised, like for example Marc Domingo’s project on picking up the cigarette butts around the town, followed also by Marc St. Louis with the activity “No cicche a Cingoli”.

Anyway, let’s see the story of the Committee. It was born as the Group of the Volunteers of the Aid of Cingoli, as a detached department of the Macerata Committee in 1994, it was then formally accepted in 1998, with an initial group of 67 volunteers. 

To the present day the family grew, thanks to the volunteers from the local community, with the civil service from 2009 and then with European volunteers.

Now you are probably asking, which activities can you do inside the Red Cross? 

The activities that the Red Cross of Cingoli carries out are multiple and in various areas; the one that mostly stands out to everyone is the sanitary one. Every day the vehicles of the Red Cross are engaged in various sanitary transports, especially of old people or invalid ones for medical examinations or hospitalizations. And even during the toughest months of the pandemic, nonetheless lots of the medical services had stopped if not urgent, the Red Cross was always close to the population, for example distributing door to door masks. 

Then the Red Cross of Cingoli started for a few years the project “Mettiamoci sulla buona strada: bevi responsabilmente” where it was given information especially to teenagers about the seriousness of driving drunk. Almost every year in fact, the youth group of the Committee organizes activities about the awareness of drinking, with pathways with obstacles for children for example or for adolescents with glasses for the 3D reality that simulates being drunk. The project is sided usually to the event “Calici dal balcone” where the Red Cross, in partnership with wineries of Marche, creates an itinerary that pervades the town center with wine tasting, good food and mostly information on drinking with consciousness and the dangers that can happen when you drive while you are drunk. 

The event is always a big success, even if unfortunately it has been two years that it has been suspended because of the pandemic, but we hope to make it again as soon as possible.   

Another activity that has been of great success was the collaboration with middle schools. The Red Cross of Cingoli in fact does formation in schools on the life saving maneuvers and of first aid and also with the project realised by one of the very first ESC volunteers, Ainhoa Arroyo with “Tu sì que vales” where the classes of middle schools of Cingoli participated to the various challenges proposed during the week of the Carnival. 

Moreover, how to not remember the project “No cicche a Cingoli” by Marc Domingo and followed by Marc St.Louis as already said before. 

This project was really important for our community and not only. It can be considered one of the exemplary projects because it had a great impact on the population, trying to raise awareness to everyone not to contaminate our town, giving a real ecologist message. 

Lastly it is good to remember the commitment of the Red Cross with the vaccines. The Committee of Cingoli in fact was active since the first doses, starting with anti-flu shot for fragile and old people, going to the ones against Covid for all the population, once a week the volunteers were there to help with the modules, check them and give a smile to the ones waiting in the room after the shot or to the ones queuing. 

As you could read and find here the Red Cross of Cingoli is really close to the community more than you ever knew, and above all it is committed to various activities apart from the sanitary one. The European volunteers realised that immediately and they didn’t waste any occasion to help with new ideas and new projects. 

The environment of the Red Cross of Cingoli is like a family: there are people who listen to you, others that encourage you, others that you can fight with, but it is still a safe and welcoming ambiance. 

Maybe that is the reason why almost every ESC volunteer that came to Cingoli have prolonged their period of volunteering or stayed also after the volunteering project, because the Red Cross of Cingoli remains in your heart, especially for the people there that make this place as a second home. 



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