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Peacebuilding, youth work and Art – A Study Visit in Pesaro

We have just hosted the project “Youth Advisory Board for Peace” In Pesaro from Sep 6th to Sep 13th 2022. The project was funded by Erasmus+ programme and involved 21 representatives of Organisations and NGO from Italy, Hungary, The Netherlands, Armenia, Georgia and Ukraine in a 3-year course with the aim of training new generations of youth workers through paths of training in Active Citizenship and Peace Education.

The content of the project touched topics such as art, environment, culture, urban development, sport and their link with the youth field. In particular the aim was to show local best practices of fruitful collaboration among Vicolocorto and local partners specialized in those fields.

Regarding “Art & Youth Field” we invited Cristian Della Chiara, the artistic director of the GAD (International Festival of dramatic arts), general director of the ROF (Rossini Opera Festival) and organizational director of “Mostra Internazionale del Nuovo Cinema”. 

Christian gave a wonderful presentation about the ROF Foundation and how it works locally. He explained to us which are the main festivals they are in charge of during the year, the importance of Pesaro on a national and international level and gave us a brief description of the tendency of where tourists and visitors come from to attend these festivals/events that are organized in the city.  

It was also interesting to know the international activities addressed to youth such as international internships with extra EU countries.

One of the topics that was discussed in depth was the Rossini Opera Festival. This is a festival dedicated to the composer Gioachino Antonio Rossini, his life, his works and his legacy. The aim of the festival, in addition to studying the composer’s musical heritage, is to revive and perform his works in a unique setting that allows scholars, artists and audiences to collaborate. 

This festival is so big that the Rossini Foundation even hosted Italian and international volunteers who worked on the preparation, organization and implementation of the festival for the previous 10 months. 

“It was interesting to know that even though the volunteers didn’t speak a word of Italian, they were able to collaborate with the local team to put on an amazing production”. (Salome from Georgia).

The participants after Christian’s explanation started asking historical questions about Rossini’s life which resulted in a little presentation of chronological events of this life. 

For Rossini Pesaro was always considered his home, so when he passed away his inheritance was destined to the construction of the Rossini Conservatory, currently active and well known in the city and which the inhabitants of Pesaro are proud to host. 

“I liked the history of Rossini, and how the festival works during the summer. It’s cool how locals and foreign people come together for it. It was interesting and informative. “ (Kristina, Georgia)

Christian also explained to us that this year, Pesaro was proclaimed the capital of culture 2024 and Italian city of youth 2022. That means that in the short future Pesaro will be hosting a huge amount of events where youngsters will be involved and where the city will have an enriching interaction with culture and arts.

“ I liked it, I think Rossini was an interesting guy. It’s a good way to promote the city, the cultural history and famous people. It’s good that this program is getting government funding” (Joost from The Netherlands)


The National Festival of Dramatic Art (GAD) is the oldest theater event in Italy and one of the most important cultural events for the city of Pesaro.

In 2020 we started collaborating with the festival. Our European volunteers attended the shows, took photos, recorded videos, interviewed actors and directors, and took care of the live social media coverage of events related to the shows.

Despite the obstacles of language, we had a lot of fun watching the performance and editing videos for their Facebook account. Sometimes, we also went to little interviews before the actual play, in which they presented the deeper meaning behind the play. (Lena, German volunteer on 2020)

This event showed a great collaboration between governmental and NGO initiatives. It’s also cool how they could combine culture and fun, so that youth have a great time while learning about their culture and history. It was so motivating to see how volunteering benefited this festival. It was great to see that this festival gave youth and young people an opportunity to participate in the cultural heritage of their city.

“It was one of my favorite visits. I like the collaboration between youth and the cultural festival, and how young people could be involved in this festival” (Salome from Georgia).



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