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Peacebuilding, youth and work – A Study Visit in Pesaro

We have just hosted the project “Youth Advisory Board for Peace” In Pesaro from Sep 6th to Sep 13th 2022. The project was funded by Erasmus+ programme and involved 21 representatives of Organisations and NGO from Italy, Hungary, The Netherlands, Armenia, Georgia and Ukraine in a 3-year course with the aim of training new generations of youth workers through paths of training in Active Citizenship and Peace Education.

The content of the project touch topics such as art, environment, culture, urban development, sport and their link with the youth field. In particular the aim was to show local best practices of fruitful collaboration among Vicolocorto and local partners specialized in those fields.

In order to approach the topic of work we decided to visit Pesaro Job Employment Center, a building of reference in the city when it comes to supporting people in searching for opportunities in the labor market. 

The meeting was led by Ms. Sabina Carrozzo, who is advisor of the EURES program in Pesaro and Urbino province. EURES provides job vacancy information in 32 countries of Europe and has 900 advisors. One can create a profile, register CV and have access to details on living and working conditions abroad.

Most of the attendees work with young people, who are interested in various youth opportunities, Ms Sabina during her speech mostly put an emphasis on youth employment. Within the EURES program, Ms Sabina helps job seekers and potential employers to find each other. Moreover, there are organized recruitment events, where companies can present themselves and attract students and youth to work at their company. On the other hand, young people have an opportunity to get more familiar with potential employees. 

Here raises the question, why and how the local NGO Vicolocorto is connected to the Job employment center?!  Response is obvious and at the same time inspiring:  as most of the time young people seeking for a job abroad do not clearly understand the challenges they might face, including language and cultural barriers, Vicolocorto gives them a chance and prepares them. 

You might question, how? Vicolocorto is running ESC projects. They help Italian youth to do their volunteer service abroad and they bring foreign young people to Italy to do volunteer service in Italy too. Therefore, young people who have done volunteer services, gain various skills that help them to become prior candidates for potential employers. 

During the second part of the meeting representative of the organization Vicolocorto, Ms Carolina Tenti spoke about ESC projects. She mentioned that since the creation of the organization, they strive to raise youth participation, help them to gain skills and to find different opportunities worldwide. One among other examples of cooperation is that, Vicolocortlo closely cooperates with job employment center and together they give more and more various opportunities of skills enhancement and employment to young people.

By the end of the meeting, participants shared the practices from their home countries, that there are less opportunities of job mobility (e.g. Georgia, Ukraine, Armenia). Sharing good practices helps to understand how to do more for youth development and in general the community development sphere.



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