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Peacebuilding, youth work and culture– A Study Visit in Pesaro

We have just hosted the project “Youth Advisory Board for Peace” In Pesaro from Sep 6th to Sep 13th 2022. The project was funded by Erasmus+ programme and involved 21 representatives of Organisations and NGO from Italy, Hungary, The Netherlands, Armenia, Georgia and Ukraine in a 3-year course with the aim of training new generations of youth workers through paths of training in Active Citizenship and Peace Education.

The content of the project touch topics such as art, environment, culture, urban development, sport and their link with the youth field. In particular the aim was to show local best practices of fruitful collaboration among Vicolocorto and local partners specialized in those fields.

In order to approach the topic of Culture we decided to visit San Giovanni’s library, located in the old convent of San Giovanni’s church , restored and opened in 2005, nowadays it is the most important library of the city.

We had the pleasure to meet Loredana who introduced us a little bit to the history of the library and showed us all the spaces they have and how they are distributed. Over 90,000 documents – books, newspapers and magazines, music CDs, films, comics, language courses, audio books – are distributed in 2,000 square meters – and are immediately available to the public.

In the spaces of the library you can read, study, surf the Internet, listen to music, watch films, participate at events for adults, children and families, and relax at the library Café. It’s the place where visitors can share the information with each other, the librarians present in all areas are available for information and give support.

Topics on what you can find in the enough books in the Library: sport, hobbies, philosophy, psychology, music, economy etc. There is also a unique selection of books where you can find stories about movies, actors and directors. There is a special section for pregnant women to get ready for pregnancy and childbirth. During the visiting library you can find a lot of children with families and teenagers searching for books. 

There are book and movie clubs for every age and they have monthly meetings where they discuss books which they read during the month.  Books are very interesting and it’s available in different kinds of languages and even visitors can find the books which help them to learn these languages. There are also available books for people with disabilities, listening books and on braille shrift.

Then you would ask how Vicolocorto collaborates with the library and how it involves young people in it? 

Vicolocorto had collaborated actively for years with the library by organizing a weekly event called “Talk Together” where local youngsters could come and practice a foregin languages with mother tongue volunteers through activities, games and round-table discussions. 

Additionally, we were implementing the project “Ti presento il mio paese” (I present you my county) in which we prepared historical and cultural presentations of the countries of origin of our European volunteers: this project helped us to gain knowledge regarding other cultural experiences, how life and costumes are in other countries, realize about differences and similarities among the european culture and enhancing the european spirit.

All the staff members mentioned that they are very happy, proud and lucky to work there. We are very glad that we had the opportunity to be a part of it. 



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