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EVS Project Making – when Europe comes to Pesaro!

As some of you may already know, the Erasmus+ programme promotes international training courses in partnership with international NGOs, where participants from different countries are invited to go abroad and gather together for 8 – 10 days. During this period the participants learn about a certain topic and improve their skills and competences through a non-formal education approach. Last week, thanks to the support of the Italian National Agency ANG that financed the project,  the training course “EVS Project Making” took place in Pesaro, the topic discussed where how to plan and write a quality EVS project, and the promoting association was our own – Vicolocorto! We spoke to a couple of participants about their experience and general impressions of this week.

Gloria is Romanian and currently working for YMCA (Young Men’s Christian Association) as the vice-president at a regional level. When she first heard that her association had two vacancies for this training she instantly wanted to go since Italy has always been her dream country. Nevertheless, once she actually had the time to read through the training description she was even more excited. That is because one day she’d like to have her own NGO so the knowledge acquired at the training could be extremely useful for her. As if it wasn’t enough of a good experience already, by the end of the week Gloria was offered the opportunity to participate in a 10 month EVS project with the Red Cross in Pesaro, starting this December! Hurray!

Florentina is from Romania and she works for Wild Carpathia association. The organization hosts and coordinates EVS volunteers and Florentina is their tutor and mentor. Since she joined the association only this year, it is her first training related to project making. Nevertheless, for Florentina this was a useful experience, she particularly enjoyed the guideline teamwork, as well as sharing experiences with other participants. She also appreciated the final task, which was to create a plan for an EVS project, because she could finally work on her idea for a project focused on relationships between generations in Romania.

Joaquin is from Extremadura, a region located in the west of Spain. He is currently working as a project manager in an NGO, and soon he will start to work as an assistant manager in Portugal. He has decided to come to this training in order to learn how to write EVS/European Solidarity Corps projects and to develop some tools and ideas for future projects in his own organization. Of all the things he has learned here, Joaquin values understanding the context you are living in the most. In his case, the region is not very famous and they don’t have a lot of people working with Erasmus+ programme, so he would like to improve the situation and offer local people more opportunities.

Erell represents Association Gwennili, a sending and hosting association located in Brittany (the West part of France). Currently she is in charge of the coordination of the common activities of the volunteers. In 2013 she participated in an EVS project in Georgia. After she came back to France, she got an offer from her sending organization to participate in a civil service, which meant working part-time in the organization. One of the most important things Erell learned during this training is how to change plans in order to keep up with the ideas you have in mind. In other words: how to be flexible. As there are some changes and unsure aspects within the EVS, the participants, coming from different countries, had to talk about the way they deal with such transformations and share their points of view.

The participants of this training are of different age, come from different countries and cultures, and have different jobs and life experiences. However, all of them were interested in the same thing: acquiring the know-how. For this reason,  Erasmus+ trainings are not only a big opportunity to learn in a non-formal way, but, more importantly, to enjoy an international experience.


Demi, Filipa, Isabel & Karolina



Advance Planning Visit (APV) for EVS project “C.A.R.O”, 20 – 23/03/2017

Buongiorno Ragazzi!

Last week, we had the pleasure to receive three coordinators of different sending organizations from France (Bureau Information Jeunesse), Spain (Calvià in Europe) and Poland (Bona Fides).

They stayed in Pesaro during 4 days  to talk about the EVS project that Vicolocorto will host from April, and so they also shared  some nice moments with us, volunteers! 

As EVS in Pesaro, we couldn’t skip the visit of our beautiful Pesaro. It was important for them to see the city,  to make a report to their next volunteers who will live for at least 6 months in Pesaro.

The coordinators could also take part to our activities like Talk Together. It was really interesting because Agnès from France and Manon from Spain joined the French table, and Hanna from Poland joined the English table. This event gave the opportunity for Talk Together to be more intercultural. With Italians, French, Spanish, Lithuanian, Hungarian, German,  Polish, Albanian, it was almost the whole Europe in Biblioteca San Giovanni!

 In that way the coordinators could share also about their countries, their culture and help people to improve their language skills.

To finish, they visited our house, to share coffees and breakfast, and saw how we are living. We gave some advices about our experience of living with other peoples, in an intercultural environment: promoting open-mindness, tolerance and respect.

casa sve

To conclude, We hope they enjoyed this week in Pesaro and they are always welcome here!



”Talk Together” to the InformaGiovani of Pesaro

Like the previous year ”Talk Together” continues to take place to the “Informagiovani” in San Giovanni library!

For those who missed the last year meetings: ”Talk Together” is a non-formal session based on mutual language practicing, where people can join and improve their language skills (English, French and German).
Our session gives the chance to develop your language skills, especially speaking and listening comprehension, which are not only important for language knowledge but also for cross-cultural communication.
In opposite to the formal way of learning a language at school, ”Talk Together” has the advantage that you are in a friendly and informal environment. That means there is no pressure to get everything right nor there is anybody who will judge your level of the language.

We strongly believe that the process of improving your language should be a lot of fun rather than learning by heart dry vocabulary lists.


Talk about daily life
Amazing people
Learning by doing
Knowledge improving

Thinking out loud
Overcome your fears
Get out of your comfort zone
English, French and German
Take your time
Hear what others have to say
Refresh your language skills


Everybody is welcome to join ”Talk Together” meetings every Tuesday from 5:30pm – 6:30 pm in InformaGiovanni located in San Giovanni library!
For more information contact InformaGiovanni-Pesaro or visit our official facebook page ”Vicolocorto”.

See you there!

Aida & Linh