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Advance Planning Visit (APV) for EVS project “C.A.R.O”, 20 – 23/03/2017

Buongiorno Ragazzi!

Last week, we had the pleasure to receive three coordinators of different sending organizations from France (Bureau Information Jeunesse), Spain (Calvià in Europe) and Poland (Bona Fides).

They stayed in Pesaro during 4 days  to talk about the EVS project that Vicolocorto will host from April, and so they also shared  some nice moments with us, volunteers! 

As EVS in Pesaro, we couldn’t skip the visit of our beautiful Pesaro. It was important for them to see the city,  to make a report to their next volunteers who will live for at least 6 months in Pesaro.

The coordinators could also take part to our activities like Talk Together. It was really interesting because Agnès from France and Manon from Spain joined the French table, and Hanna from Poland joined the English table. This event gave the opportunity for Talk Together to be more intercultural. With Italians, French, Spanish, Lithuanian, Hungarian, German,  Polish, Albanian, it was almost the whole Europe in Biblioteca San Giovanni!

 In that way the coordinators could share also about their countries, their culture and help people to improve their language skills.

To finish, they visited our house, to share coffees and breakfast, and saw how we are living. We gave some advices about our experience of living with other peoples, in an intercultural environment: promoting open-mindness, tolerance and respect.

casa sve

To conclude, We hope they enjoyed this week in Pesaro and they are always welcome here!




”Talk Together” to the InformaGiovani of Pesaro

Like the previous year ”Talk Together” continues to take place to the “Informagiovani” in San Giovanni library!

For those who missed the last year meetings: ”Talk Together” is a non-formal session based on mutual language practicing, where people can join and improve their language skills (English, French and German).
Our session gives the chance to develop your language skills, especially speaking and listening comprehension, which are not only important for language knowledge but also for cross-cultural communication.
In opposite to the formal way of learning a language at school, ”Talk Together” has the advantage that you are in a friendly and informal environment. That means there is no pressure to get everything right nor there is anybody who will judge your level of the language.

We strongly believe that the process of improving your language should be a lot of fun rather than learning by heart dry vocabulary lists.


Talk about daily life
Amazing people
Learning by doing
Knowledge improving

Thinking out loud
Overcome your fears
Get out of your comfort zone
English, French and German
Take your time
Hear what others have to say
Refresh your language skills


Everybody is welcome to join ”Talk Together” meetings every Tuesday from 5:30pm – 6:30 pm in InformaGiovanni located in San Giovanni library!
For more information contact InformaGiovanni-Pesaro or visit our official facebook page ”Vicolocorto”.

See you there!

Aida & Linh

Un giro a Pesaro

Nel fine settimana ho deciso di fare un giro per Pesaro. Volevo osservare un autentico sabato pomeriggio italiano-pesarese. 🙂

Per la prima volta ho guardato meravigliato Piazza del Popolo. Il mio edificio preferito è il Palazzo Ducale: anche noi in Ungheria abbiamo molti monumenti con l’architettura del Rinascimento.

Dopo sono andato al mare. Il tempo era bellissimo, quando ho visto la Palla di Pomodoro. Questa scultura è il simbolo di Pesaro e mi fa sentire che il mare è lì vicino.

É giusto: sono arrivato al mare! Aspettavo questo momento: sole, venticello e profumo del mare. Come un sogno! 🙂


Nel frattempo avendo molto fame sono tornato indietro per mangiare una crêpe. Questa mangiata ha messo i puntini sulle i: la crêpe era molto deliziosa e dolce.


Intanto ha iniziato a fare buio e sono dovuto andare a casa, ma in piazza c’erano molte persone: mi è sembrato che ci fosse stata una festa!!
Questo è stato il mio primo giro a Pesaro. Spero di poter fare molti giri a Pesaro nel futuro. 🙂