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Different weekend for Fiesta Globàl

We arrived in Fattoria della Legalità (Isola del Piano, PU) Saturday afternoon at 2 pm, and just after leaving the car we could enjoy the picturesque view that there would have been there for the next two days.

Fattoria della Legalità is a house taken from the mafia and now it’s used by the Town Hall and the people for social and cultural activities in order to keep the freedom and to do something useful for society. The town major, a very gentle and kind person, explained us a bit about Isola del Piano history as the first biological farm area in Italy and how the Fattoria della Legalità developed as a social site, after the mafia man who owned the place until twelve years ago.


All of us, as the group of the Vicolocorto’s EVS, we were there for helping to organize the Fiesta Globàl, the street art festival that will take place in Montefabbri, from 21st to 23rd of July. In order to make the organization successful, first of all we got to know each other better, so we could easily cooperate with the organizers and local volunteers of the festival. Because of that we joined two workshops on the arrival day, one about experimental theater, and the other one, after dinner, about playing djembe.

The djembe session was so successful and funny that some of us continued playing until it was  really time to go to bed.

We all slept in a non-common way: in a camper, in a tent under the stars, on the floor, in a car… But we managed to get up full of energy! So on Sunday we started with a nice breakfast in the middle of those beautiful mountains, some of us had a nice walk and came back with a bag made of leaves plenty of wild cherries (which we are still wondering if there were cherries or not, but that weren’t toxic and tasted very good!). After eating a real Italian pasta meal and “crostata” as dessert, we had the main meeting for preparing the festival.

The whole group, more or less twenty people, discussed about many different important aspects for the organization of the Fiesta Globàl: the prize of the ticket, the decoration of the entrance, the logistic of the events, how to do the promotion, and which extra activities would be nice for the festival audience. It was long enough for realizing how the event will be and, moreover, how important it is to meet the people with who you will collaborate before starting to. And that’s the value of the art labs and the meals that we shared before organizing meeting, because only after that we felt free and we were able to show to the others our opinions and our ideas to enrich the festival.

We went back home with some things to do on our own for the festival, but with a lot of new memories and friends that we hope we will meet again!


L’altra faccia del “Ritrovo dei Viaggiatori”

“Magari andiamo tutti a fare l’aperitivo?” Era la prima domanda che mi facevano in italiano e non poteva essere più giusta! Non perché mi piace la dolce vita –anche –, era per il bell’ambiente che si sentiva in quel primo incontro del “Ritrovo dei Viaggiatori” alla Biblioteca San Giovanni di Pesaro. Tutta la gente che era là era abbastanza motivata di imparare l’inglese, l’obiettivo principale dell’attività, e il mio lavoro, che non è altro che fare fluire la conversazione, è stato in tutti gli incontri abbastanza facile e divertente. Parliamo delle nostre esperienze all’estero: dove sei andata per vacanza l’anno scorso, dove vuoi andare questo Ferragosto, che cosa si mangia nel tuo paese, come è il caffè li. La risposta a quest’ultima domanda è “pessimo sempre fuori d’Italia” ovviamente, almeno per loro.

Finché la conversazione, che era solo una scusa per migliorare la lingua inglese, è diventata una maniera di fare nuovi amici e conoscere altre culture e altri modi di pensare e di vivere.


Non bisogna dare molti dettagli sulle cose che succedono dopo il ritrovo, come l’andare all’aperitivo o a prendere un gelato. Per questo post basta dire che questa è l’altra faccia degli incontri, e che è una aiuto per noi, come stranieri, per trovare persone italiane e cominciare relazioni di amicizia attraverso cui imparare la lingua italiana. Ma anche per loro è una maniera diversa di incontrare altra gente della stessa età che altrimenti non hanno la possibilità di conoscere.

Sono arrivata a Pesaro un mese fa e questa riflessione rimane ancora nel mio pensiero. Perché la risposta della gente e così gentile in tutti i luoghi dove facciamo il progetto del Ritrovo. Magari loro la sentono così bella, non solo come uno scambio di lingua, ma anche come uno di cultura, un incontro interculturale, dove arricchire non la tasca, ma la mente.

Ah! Nel caso che qualcuno non mi crede, mi sono dimenticata di dirlo: ho già cucinato la tortilla spagnola, patata e cipolla e miracolosamente è piaciuta abbastanza (o questa è la cosa che mi hanno detto). Forse preparerò un’altra per il prossimo incontro, forse comincio a insegnare ai miei nuovi amici come cucinarla.


Non importa. La cosa veramente notevole, la conclusione, è che nella bilancia del tempo, socializzare con sconosciuti diventa un’abitudine per crescere come persona e anche come, in questo caso, cittadino europeo. Sia per coabitare con francesi, sia per partecipare agli incontri di conversazione in inglese con locali, una si sente più vicina agli italiani e ammira le conoscenze di quelle persone che, prima di trasferirsi in Italia, non avevano per lei né faccia né sentimenti, quindi non le importavano.

In questo momento, con l’aria di paura degli stranieri che si spande sul mondo, con la minaccia dell’odio verso gli sconosciuti attraverso di movimenti politici e sociali euroscettici, credo realmente che questa non sia un’idea da scordarsi. Non va dimenticata, almeno. Non per i giovani che riconoscono che Europa ha bisogno di cambiamenti, ma che tra la sua diversità sia ancora unita e possa diventare più umana.


Sempre più SVE: Julien dalla Francia e Maria dalla Spagna!

Hi  everybody ,

I am Julien, I come from Landerneau, a small city near Brest, in the northern west of France (Britain).

I have started my EVS in Vicolocorto’s association on the 7th of April 2017, and I will finish it on the 5th of October 2017.

I think an EVS is a good way to have a first professional experience abroad, because we have a coordinator’s organization. More of that, to be a volunteer is not the same like to be a salary, I think we have more time to learn and less pressure like in the most of firms (for example I have to improve my English because until now, I am not qualified to work abroad). In addition to this, I hope to be useful to the organization.

In a personal way I think, I will learn a lot of things, about Italian and other cultures, on myself…

In the future I would love to do a French International internship, and travel a lot so let’s start!



Let’s change! Prime impressioni di Maria a Pesaro

Sometimes we decided to reach our vital goals unconsciously. I was thinking about it when I got off the train in Pesaro’s station before meeting my new mates in EVS experience.

My name is Maria, a 24 years old girl from Minorca (Spain). I studied journalism and cultural studies in Barcelona and, after that, I was working while I coursed a culture management master. I always wanted to travel, to meet new people and culture, but I didn’t until now. I don’t exactly know the causes: maybe it’s because I thought I had other responsibilities as studying or working, maybe because I didn’t want to lose my old relationships at home. I am sure about one reason, and It was that I was afraid. Afraid of going abroad with not money enough, afraid of feeling lonely, afraid of not understanding the language of the country…

Now I am happy to say that I am not. I realized, a few weeks ago that I needed a change in my life, because I won’t be young forever (Magari!), so if I really wish to fulfill some of my dreams I had to shift and do something different. Then everything happened so fast: Vicolocorto selected me as an EVS few days after I sent my application. I took a deep breath and I said goodbye to my job as a journalist (a very good one according to my mother) and decided to interrupt my master for that kind of experience that I had never have the value of fighting for before.

I have been in this small city for only three days, but I am conscious that I make a correct decision. Even in case of bad times (that there will be cause it is life and emotions work like rollercoasters) I am convinced  that I will grow up here and improve my Italian. I had to admit that the language and the possibility of participating in cultural events organization were the most important reasons why I chose the project, but the culture exchange also.

I hope that I will be able to strengthen my communication skills and my organizational competences.  And discover Italy and its particularities, of course. As yet, I have been trying to assimilate all the changes and new information with the other SVE volunteers. I was lucky, except one, Alysson, the rest arrived the same day that me so we are more or less in the same adapt situation. We did together our first trip to Urbino, a very beautiful city 50 minutes by bus from Pesaro that I expect I will visit it again before leaving. Wonderful views and charming streets (as I guess that you know if you are from Le Marche). At least I have six months for going back there and lose myself trying to understand Piero della Francesca paintings in Palazzo Ducale.

 At sum, I am still a bit confused but full of energy and excited about discovering Pesaro by bike (my new antique blue one!), meeting Italian friends and, of course, doing my best as a volunteer in Vicolocorto, helping people to improve their communicative skills in English and Spanish and promoting the project in social media.

A dopo!