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Opening the doors to new volunteering fields: un’opportunità per nuove collaborazioni e progettualità

Dopo lo stop forzato causato dall’emergenza sanitaria, tra Novembre e Dicembre 2021 abbiamo avuto la possibilità di partecipare come Vicolocorto ad una Partnership Building Activity (PBA) residenziale nell’ambito degli European Solidarity Corps. L’evento “Solidarity: opening the door to new volunteering fields” è stato organizzato dall’Agenzia Nazionale Finlandese (Finnish National Agency for Education, National Agency of… Continue reading Opening the doors to new volunteering fields: un’opportunità per nuove collaborazioni e progettualità


English Activities with Italian Children

In the summer camp where I cooperate as a volunteer I finally decided to make some English focused activities for the children. I made this decision because I wanted to be more active at my work, I saw that children were doing the same activities every day and I thought that it would be good… Continue reading English Activities with Italian Children

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My Italian experience

Hello, I’m Lara, a 22 year-old French girl doing a volunteering project in Italy. Here is why I left Grenoble,my city in South East of France, to join a team of volunteers in the Pizza Rossini town. After a degree in languages, I chose to study journalism for one year in order to enter a… Continue reading My Italian experience

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Hello, my name is Alicia and I came here to Italy to do a volunteering project in Pesaro, a beautiful city on the Adriatic coast. I love having the opportunity to live near to the sea,because in my hometown I am very close to the ocean, I wouldn’t know what it is to live far… Continue reading A VOLUNTEER´S BACKPACK

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The EVS reunion: training week in Pesaro!

Being an EVS volunteer puts you in a very special position: living and working in a country you know nothing or a little about, having to learn the language and the codes, having to meet a lot of people and memorize names, places, schedules, and a lot more. This can be confusing, a lot. But… Continue reading The EVS reunion: training week in Pesaro!

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”Talk Together” to the InformaGiovani of Pesaro

Like the previous year ''Talk Together'' continues to take place to the "Informagiovani" in San Giovanni library! For those who missed the last year meetings: ''Talk Together'' is a non-formal session based on mutual language practicing, where people can join and improve their language skills (English, French and German). Our session gives the chance to develop your… Continue reading ”Talk Together” to the InformaGiovani of Pesaro