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What is going on?

Long time no see… or how does the saying go? Although, I am sure some of you have never even seen me to begin with. The last (and first) time I wrote to you was seemingly centuries ago, because so much has happened. This tends to be the case when you are living in a… Continue reading What is going on?


A Guide for Pesaro: it’s FOOD time!

Hello everyone! We are glad to be back to the Guide for Pesaro! Last week we talked about the surroundings of our lovely town, beautiful places and spots worthy of visit. This week however, we will be focusing on Pesaro itself, and we are going to talk about one of the most controversial topics in… Continue reading A Guide for Pesaro: it’s FOOD time!

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7 Italian Habits I will import to Spain

“This kind of piada is different”, said Isabel about piadina di Montefeltro, “do you think it will be better for a real piadina? The other one seems better for kebab”. At that moment I yelled: “Don’t say that again. Don’t use piadina as a kebab bread, for God’s sake!”. And then I realized that maybe,… Continue reading 7 Italian Habits I will import to Spain