Eventi locali / Local events

An EVS afternoon in Montefabbri at Fiesta Global Festival 2015

With some late we are glad to speak about one of the most important ethnic event in Italy: the Fiesta Global 2015. Organized by TribalEgg Association, Fiesta Global at the 12th edition attract every year more o less 10000 participants from all Italy and abroad. Our afternoon in Montefabbri (Pesaro and Urbino) was spent with… Continue reading An EVS afternoon in Montefabbri at Fiesta Global Festival 2015

Servizio Volontario Europeo (EVS)

“It is time to go”

Ciao tutti! My name is Mert. I’m 20 years old and I came from Ankara,Turkey. This was my first experince abroad. I was very lucky because this was a great chance to come to Italy first. When I came in here, I couldn’t speak English well. For example: When I landed in Bologna, I couldn’t… Continue reading “It is time to go”

Eventi locali / Local events


ZOEMICROFESTIVAL, Last day One more year, one more ZOE has finished. With it, the plastic cups, the loudly screaming guitars, the movements and sweat of those who gave everything in the different stages but not only. It also ended the workshops of many volunteers working during the ZOE, and without them this event would not… Continue reading ZOE MICROFESTIVAL – Day 5

Eventi locali / Local events


After three days of concerts, workshops and meetings, day 4 at the beginning appeared to be an overstress for the people. Long rehearsals of bands and people visiting, visibly in need of some kickstart, were a proof of that. At 20.00, comparing to previous days, it was really quiet and empty! But after 21.30 slowly… Continue reading ZOE MICROFESTIVAL – Day 4

Eventi locali / Local events

Festival dei Talenti 2015

Ieri pomeriggio Vicolocorto è andato al Festival dei Talenti di Montelabbate con i volontari locali Giulio e Tommaso e i volontari SVE Carlos e Mert. Il Festival dei Talenti 2015, arrivato alla seconda edizione si svolge a Montelabbate, al parco Hornburg un parco allestito per l'evento. Abbiamo passato un pomeriggio di festa con giovani e… Continue reading Festival dei Talenti 2015