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EVS project “WrocLove Science” came to an end!

An EVS project "WrocLove Science" in Wroclaw, Poland came to the end. It was an educational initiative aimed at young people starting their careers. The aim of the project was to acquire practical knowledge, skills and attitudes difficult to gain while studying but in the same time sometimes necessary in the labor market. The project… Continue reading EVS project “WrocLove Science” came to an end!

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Advance Planning Visit (APV) for EVS project “C.A.R.O”, 20 – 23/03/2017

Buongiorno Ragazzi! Last week, we had the pleasure to receive three coordinators of different sending organizations from France (Bureau Information Jeunesse), Spain (Calvià in Europe) and Poland (Bona Fides). They stayed in Pesaro during 4 days  to talk about the EVS project that Vicolocorto will host from April, and so they also shared  some nice… Continue reading Advance Planning Visit (APV) for EVS project “C.A.R.O”, 20 – 23/03/2017

Eventi locali / Local events

Ti Presento il Mio Paese – Polonia e Portogallo

Ciao tutti, last week, on the 18th of November , Vicolocorto did a cooperation with the Biblioteca San Giovanni called “Ti Presento Il Mio Paese “ to let the EVS-Volunteers  of the organisation present their own country to the people of Pesaro and show somethings unusual information. A lot of people went there to get… Continue reading Ti Presento il Mio Paese – Polonia e Portogallo

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Holiday of an EVS volunteer

The adventure of EVS volunteer is all fun and games, but in the end, everyone gets tired. It is natural. There is two days per week free, but it helps just to relieve work stress. Deeper inside, there is different kind of need, that grows with every month, then week, in the end- with every… Continue reading Holiday of an EVS volunteer

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Being an EVS in Pesaro

I’m an alien, I’m a legal alien. I’m a Polish in Pesarooo – that would sing Sting, if he were me. Of course if he were able to sing, not like me. I think the point is not to pretend being the same, but being aware of the differences. Sharing and accepting them. Having new… Continue reading Being an EVS in Pesaro