Servizio Volontario Europeo (EVS), Vicolocorto


Hello, my name is Alicia and I came here to Italy to do a volunteering project in Pesaro, a beautiful city on the Adriatic coast. I love having the opportunity to live near to the sea,because in my hometown I am very close to the ocean, I wouldn’t know what it is to live far… Continue reading A VOLUNTEER´S BACKPACK

Servizio Volontario Europeo (EVS), Vicolocorto

My EVS in Italy

I’ve been thinking for a long time how to start writing about this experience because to sum up 8 amazing months into one article seems to be close to impossible. The European voluntary service has been my dream ever since the university but it always seemed unreachable, firstly because of self-limitations and later because of my… Continue reading My EVS in Italy

Eventi locali / Local events


ZOEMICROFESTIVAL, Last day One more year, one more ZOE has finished. With it, the plastic cups, the loudly screaming guitars, the movements and sweat of those who gave everything in the different stages but not only. It also ended the workshops of many volunteers working during the ZOE, and without them this event would not… Continue reading ZOE MICROFESTIVAL – Day 5

Volunteering: a Youth Empowerment Instrument

Report from Kobuleti [Vol. 3]

The day started in a strange way. In my room I was bothered by a huge pigeon who was singing on my window. When he started to talk in italian and to dance in a bizzarre way shaking his paws like he was dancing in the georgian way, I thought that something wrong and wierd… Continue reading Report from Kobuleti [Vol. 3]

Volunteering: a Youth Empowerment Instrument

Report from Kobuleti [Vol. 2]

I woke up this morning with that strange feeling, like I crashed my body against a truck, last night. I don't know why... maybe I just start to be old, maybe it's the chacha, God knows? After having a light breakfast with sausages and eggs I reached the seminar room where the participants started thier… Continue reading Report from Kobuleti [Vol. 2]

Volunteering: a Youth Empowerment Instrument

Report from Kobuleti [Vol. 1]

Here the first report from Kobuleti (Georgia) wrote by Daniele (the Reporter) during the training course “Volunteering: a Youth Empowerment Instrument”. Hello everybody, it's Daniele here and I’ll tell you some stories about the project “Volunteering: a youth empowerment instrument” which takes place in land of Georgia. This Training Course, organised by the Georgian Academy for… Continue reading Report from Kobuleti [Vol. 1]