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After three days of concerts, workshops and meetings, day 4 at the beginning appeared to be an overstress for the people. Long rehearsals of bands and people visiting, visibly in need of some kickstart, were a proof of that. At 20.00, comparing to previous days, it was really quiet and empty! But after 21.30 slowly… Continue reading ZOE MICROFESTIVAL – Day 4

Eventi locali / Local events


The third day of Zoe was characterized by a synergy between Hip-hop rhythms and dance with a power and rebel from punk, rock bands. As it was in the previous days people started to arrive at 20 o´clock. As soon as the youngsters of Hip-hop connection association were ready to perform the visitors had an… Continue reading ZOE MICROFESTIVAL – Day 3

Eventi locali / Local events


After the first day of Zoe, the second day of this open art concept festival arrived, and with it many different artists ready to perform and to give their maximum on the different stages. Orti Giulii was alive again, by the second night in a row! People start to arrive at 20.00 p.m, a great… Continue reading ZOE MICROFESTIVAL – Day 2

Eventi locali / Local events


There’s one event in Pesaro, that everyone is waiting for- it’s ZoeMicrofestival, and it just got started yesterday at 20.00. Our stand under two "gazebi" is located this year at the top, close to the central point of Orti Giulii, with a few food stations on the right and a cinema scene on the left.… Continue reading ZOE MICROFESTIVAL – Day 1

Eventi locali / Local events

Zoe Microfestival, give life back to Orti Giulii

What is Zoe Microfestival? ZOE Microfestival, a music and art festival in Pesaro initiated by Zoe Association that takes place every year. It was born in the Summer of 2000 to promote the young talents. The initiative arose from a culmination of meetings between young artists, associations and academies that began in 1999 and led… Continue reading Zoe Microfestival, give life back to Orti Giulii

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Zoe Microfestival

FINAL DAY The final day of Zoe Festival, a nice moment to look back at how the festival overall has been. In my opinion it was very successful. Pesaro is full of young upcoming talent and good local initiatives. In these six days I got a lot of inspiration and new insights. I heard different… Continue reading Zoe Microfestival