Servizio Volontario Europeo (EVS)

Pesaro, molto bene!

“You will never be completely at home again, because part of your heart will always be elsewhere. That is the price you pay for the richness of loving and knowing the people in more than one place.“

– I don’t know who said that 🙂

Ucaoff… I’ve just came, said hello to super new people and next day already goodbye to Carlos.

But I’m kinda happy, cause in 1 month of Pesaro, this was the only bad thing that happened to me.

Nessun problema, Pesaro was really nice, in return it gave me opportunity to meet approximately 27 new male and female CarlossSssEs (read-happy, shiny, positive people).DCIM102GOPRO

I heard Pesaro is a city of music and biciclettas, of course i saw some good concerts and of course I love my new bike ;))

If it’s gonna continue like this, in 8
months I will have too much friends and an overdose of happines and love. =)

My expectations are never too high, I only expect all the best, to learn italian perfect, maximum of everything and to get old in Pesaro.=)

I feel it’s gonna happen 😉 

step0002I think Pesaro is like an ocean of Positive energy. =))

My name is Miha, I come from Slovenia I’m in love with Peter Pan and I can’t wait to meet YOU!

I like to think that I create my future and because the most important thing is the path, I create it everyday!

But for me the important things on the path are; to make so much friends that my house will always be to small to hold them all and then to use them all, to travel the world as cheep as possible=))

It makes me happy when I can help people, make people smile and to learn things that will help me to help others on every field!

I think the EVS experience will enrich my social, lingual and intercultural competences and for shure im also waiting open-handed for some new knowlage!

My future, my dreams… I won’t tell them to you… I’m gonna show them to you… Watch me now…=)

Mihahaha 😀 


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