The magic of the Theatre: taking part in the Festival Nazionale d’Arte Drammatica – GAD 73

At the end of October 2020 we, as volunteers, had the chance to be part of a really nice event in Pesaro: the “Festival Nazionale d’Arte Drammatica – GAD 73”.
Italy always impresses me with it’s beautiful art in many different ways. This time, our way led us to one of the main places to enjoy art in Pesaro: the Rossini theatre. We were really glad to be part of the Festival. Especially in this difficult time, we were even more lucky to experience it.

During this festival, different amateur acting groups from several cities in Italy, had the opportunity to show their performance in the Rossini Theater, to get a chance to win the competition for the best play.
We were responsible for the advertisement and the promotion of the Festival. Our job was to go to the plays and take pictures and videos of the performance. Furthermore, we interviewed the director of the performance and the actors. It was a great way to get to know the play more and to understand the intention. The plays were all in all really good and every play was different, so you could see several styles and it has never been boring.

It was of course a little challenge for us, because our Italian level is definitely too low to understand every single word. There was one silent play to which a few volunteers came, because it was basically the only play we completely understood! Despite the obstacles of language, we had a lot of fun watching the performance and editing videos for their Facebook account. Sometimes, we also went to little interviews before the actual play, in which they presented the deeper meaning behind the play.

From the very first beginning, everyone we met welcomed us really warmly and showed us how grateful they were for our work. To be honest, we didn’t really expect this, because 2⁄3 of our team was definitely amateurs when it comes to video editing. Fortunately, Urtè (the 1⁄3 who was talented) helped us a lot, to create nice videos. They were impressed by our work and even gave us little presents at the end.

We had a lot of fun exploring every little room in the theatre and going backstage to see how everything works. As a theatre lover, I was really fascinated by this beautiful theatre and all the people that are involved in its activities. To be able to see the hard work they put into the plays made me want to join the performance.
By the way, I think we all agree that one of the best moments of this experience was, when the Rossini TV interviewed us for a little video in their show. Luckily, we were allowed to talk in English, about our stay here in Pesaro and especially in the Rossini theatre. When we come back to our country’s, we can proudly say we were in the Italian TV!
After this great experience, we are really excited where our path leads us. I won’t forget the time in the theatre, we had a lot of fun.


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