Vicolocorto Team at the European Championship of Aerobic and Acrobatic Gymnastic 2021 in Pesaro

Our association was pleased to participate with our European volunteers as support to the European Championships of Aerobic and Acrobatic gymnastic that took place in the city of Pesaro.

The event took place for three weeks, from the 17th of September to the 3rd of October, and it was made possible by the Organizing Committee Esatourgroup, the Municipality of Pesaro, the Marche Region and the Gymnastics Federation of Italy.

To inaugurate the start of the event came the Farfalle, bronze medal at the last Olympic games of Tokyo. They sent the spectators into ruptures with their gratefulness and elegance.

On the stage of Vitrifrigo Arena then thirtytwo delegations from the principal European nations started their performance.

Between the over two thousands people, being part of the group as athletes, trainers, doctors, delegation chiefs, there were even our volunteers.

They participated at the event with different roles:

  • translator in front of the jury for the Azerbaijan team from the Italian to Russian and vice versa;
  • support to the security in the restricted area of the jury and the support in the Covid testing area for the athletes before the competition;
  • as mascotte of the event with a giraffe costume.

This collaboration was possible thanks to the synergie with the municipality of Pesaro that appeared to be open and available to the integration of the European volunteers in one of the most important sports events. They included our guys with enthusiasm, introducing them as an integrated part of the group of collaborators that would have been there in the manifestation.

For our volunteers this experience was enriched by lots of satisfaction and personal growth. They felt included into the local community and this is the best message that could outcome from this opportunity.

When local realities and European volunteering meet, always arise beautiful collaborations and above all a reciprocate occasion of cultural exchange, of growth.


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