Servizio Volontario Europeo (EVS)

Being an EVS in Pesaro

I’m an alien, I’m a legal alien. I’m a Polish in Pesarooo – that would sing Sting, if he were me. Of course if he were able to sing, not like me. I think the point is not to pretend being the same, but being aware of the differences. Sharing and accepting them. Having new impressions, doing mistakes. This is a part of learning, taking and giving – volunteering.

Poland, not Holland – Polonia, not Bologna.

If you are foreigner and you are not working or studying in Italy, it’s difficult for Italians to understand what is going on. The concept of volunteering is not very popular and finally a bit surprising. After you introduce yourself as a volunteer it’s time to explicit where are you from. Even though Poland is kind of big country in East Europe, or according to others Central Europe, the name sounds sometimes a bit exotic. It’s not because of lack of geography knowledge, but I think more about being amazed what Polish girl can do here apart from working or studying. However I never felt offended and those linguistic misunderstandings leaded only to huge FUN. There were also some occasions when people were surprised that I am not Italian – of course it’s only because of my pronunciation of “Si!” with a very proper accent.

Vicolocorto participation at Perepepé Festival

Perché Pesaro?

After this introduction there is a moment for the main question: why you chose Pesaro? Maybe I am a hipster, maybe Pesaresi don’t appreciate their own town or maybe they are just curious what is the sense to choose Pesaro, if you can go to Roma, Firenze or Napoli. The answer is simple. My woman instinct told me that this small place will be charming. Being near to the sea will make me alive and here I will be able to get close to people easier, because it’s so small. Also, earlier in Poland I had the pleasure to meet one of Vicolocorto’s youth workers and he came up to be a really warm and nice person. At the end I discovered that he is not from Pesaro, but Ancona and partly Puglia 🙂 However, imagination in that time started to work in positive way about all people from Pesaro.

Vicolocorto EVS Volunteer

Pesaresi in action

It happened in a certain moment that people started to inform me how Pesaresi are closed and a little bit suspicious to outsiders (even from Fano 🙂 ). Being honest, I would never noticed that. Maybe sometimes they are behaving like “wild animals”, but after a little bit of whispering and cuddling we achieved agreement and trust.

The reason why I find Pesaresi warm and open is also connected with my “mother” here. Vicolocorto took care of people I met, especially at the beginning. The association created a circle of people who really wanted to meet this small girl from Poland. They were nice, open, interesting and interested in me and my country. After this time of “protection period” I was able to make my own friends and show some initiative. Like for every normal human being there were some mistakes, misunderstandings, but also moments of real joy and fun.

Do you know why volunteering is better than being?

Just being is lonely and selfish. While volunteering you are “drag ” into meeting other people, creating relations, being part of Pesaro’s network, full of great personalities and organizations. This is your chance to act, to develop yourself as a person, not only being but also doing something for the community and with others. Is it too naive for 28 years old girl? Maybe, but I am volunteer, I can 🙂 .


Vicolocorto EVS Volunteer


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