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Zoe Microfestival


Welcome to one more night of Zoe. For surprise and joy of all participants this was not the predicted last night of the festival. We received  the news that it´s going to be extended two days more, in order to recover the lost concerts of the rainy nights. The bonus will take place today and tomorrow.

What about this fourth night? It´s nothing new to say, that is being a truly pleasant and inspiring to be inside the cozy Orti Giulii during these days. In the early evening the place was less populated than in previous days, probably due to the football world cup match. However, hour after hour everything was getting more compound. Music spread all over the place and complemented the  permanent art expositions, as well as other little projects located around. Today I will leave you the report of three happenings.

The post hardcore of SELICA
Opening the night in the main stage (Palco Grande) we had Selica, a post hardcore/ new metal band formed by 5 pesaresI  musicians – guitar, bass, drums, synthesizers, voice.
This five energetic young guys led us through a web of original compositions, characterized mostly by shouted vocal lines, pulsing guitar riffs, a  powerful bass presence and some interesting broken rhythms.
Interesting also to point that Lorenzo Guccini, one of the main organizers of Zoe Microfestival integrates Selica as bass player, and between all the responsibilities he found one hour to  go on stage and share is vitality.

The Interview

V: How was the concert for you?
S: It was a good audience,a good stage, in a important event for Pesaro as is Zoe. But we already knew the context because we had already been here 3 years ago. We enjoyed very much.

V: Did you inspire  your work in other bands you listen? While I was listening it remembered me Lost Prophets, Incubus as well..
S: Of course we can´t deny our influences, like Deftones, Tool, Finch… We were  inspired by those groups from the 90´s in general, grunge and new metal movements . It was really important to us, for our formation, for our growing in general. Also we have some more elements because we are very different elements inside the band, we started from different experiences  in music.
Lately we were also being influenced by the brand new electronic scene. We love a lot of  minimal music groups and our direction is going in that way, to mix the 90´s with this new influences. The hardcore movement is also an inspiration and you can feel it in our songs.
The concrete future direction we don´t know for now.

V: About your creative process. How do you compose your songs?
S: Normally the guitar player gives us a riff , like an input for starting, and in the end it comes out from all of us. For example (says the vocalist) when I write the lyrics, even if it is just written by me, I write according  what is given to me before.  It works as a collective creation. We are very much together, when we start to compose we are just one mind.

V: About your next steps. What are you planning to do in the  future?
S: For sure we are going to record a new single that we already prepared. Also a videoclip that will be recorded by the guitar player of a pesarese band called Barely Awake. And then if everything goes in the good direction we want also to record here a new entire album. We hope so!

Vicolocorto "Zoe Microfestival" July 2014 Pesaro
The peculiar portraits of Giulia Frattini
Lost in a corner of passage on the path that leads to the Palco Tempietto or to the spot of the dream machine upstairs,  I found Giulia painting her magnificent abstract portraits for free offer. Anyone could arrive and ask her one, but it was not easy because there were a lot of people interested in.
Without a proper stand or even a table, there she was in a small friendly scene that she mounts every day to paint. A trunk covered with a colored fabric, pens, pencils, watercolors, two small benches, an old-fashioned lamp, a random black hat with a flower, and some of her old works  hanged out in the wall behind .
With a big smile she received us, answered our questions, and let us photograph the work process.

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The Interview

V: How is the festival going for you? I can see that you’ve been a little busy, so I assume it´s a good sign.
G: It´s going wonderful. For the first time I can be myself and express myself staying directly with people. I wish this could be my job. It is a dream, but who knows?

V: I see that many people are curious. Even in they don´t ask you a portrait they are just standing here looking at the process! How does it feel?
G: It is strange! (laughs) It is an occasion to understand that what you do it’s fine. So I´m truly happy. I see that that a lot of people attracted by my portraits, and they want to have my interpretation of themselves. It is interesting to notice that when people are coming they arrive with a kind of question “Who am I?” and I don´t know for fure, it is just my interpretation. But I love this contact with strange people.

V: In which kind of things do you inspire yourself?
G: So..I don´t have any art studies but I like to paint since ever in my life. For sure my inspiration was the mentally disabled people that I met in my daily work. The4 years  I worked in this context. I see inside of those people a lot of expression , a kind of a mimic expression in the face, in the movements, in the wrinkles . They have a lot of power in their expression..so I think I discovered my style when I was painting them. I can see a lot of life inside their expression. I dare to say that, I see more in the faces of the disabled than in the “normal” faces.

V: What will be your next steps to make your dream come true?
G: I have to move myself more often in this kind of situations. I have to meet more people interested in this informal, unofficial contexts, because this kind of art I do, in my opinion, its a street art. So I need to be more times in the middle of places where social/cultural life happens. My idea with this work is to be in a visible place, and if people want, they just come by themselves. A spontaneous action.

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Rifiuto Umano
Since I came to Zoe for the first time, this piece caught my attention. Not only because it is impossible to go unnoticed by its size and location, but also for its extreme simplicity.
And there it is, near to the entrance, this sculpture consisting of a wire structure molded into human form. This humanlike structure is hollow inside and has a hole on the face where people can throw all types of rubbish, thereby filling the entire body. Rifiuto Umano is the name.
Rifiuto Umano as an italian native explained me, can have two meanings. Literally it means human junk. Metaphorically it hasanother sense, the rejected or refused human/ person.
Let’s see what Nicolò Pier,  one of the creators of this attracting sculpture, has to say about it.

Vicolocorto "Zoe Microfestival" July 2014 Pesaro

The Interview

V: Who had the idea of this sculpture and what is it about?
N: The sculpture was made by me, Guido Grualdi and Leonardo Mazzoli. Since the motto of ZOE this year is “chi semina raccoglie” (you reap what you sow) which is an environmental topic, we focused on this and we decided to do the Rifiuto Umano . The Rifiuto Umano  is a critic to the present condition of humankind.
People don’t understand that they are polluting and poisoning themselves, not just the world around them. The earth has survived mass destruction and extinction, overcoming many other things..so the earth is not the problem. If we don’t act, we don’t just ruin the world but mostly ourselves and the other people living on the planet. Animals are always under evolution and they will survive atomic power as they survived mass extinctions in every era. We are basically ruining ourselves and this sculpture should prove it.

V: I see that this sculpture is connected to a collective/association called Giona sulla Luna. Can you talk me a little bit about it ?
N: The goal of the association is to involve as many people as possible and if the initiative will be implemented and will expand, it will be good. Anyway, if it doesn’t grow, we are still individuals working both all together – as it happened with the sculpture – or alone, when it comes to art installations.

V: It was a brilliant idea. I like it very much. Thanks

Vicolocorto "Zoe Microfestival" July 2014 Pesaro
Thanks all the readers for following our daily reports of Zoe Microfestival!


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