Eventi locali / Local events




One more year, one more ZOE has finished. With it, the plastic cups, the loudly screaming guitars, the movements and sweat of those who gave everything in the different stages but not only. It also ended the workshops of many volunteers working during the ZOE, and without them this event would not be possible: Grazie! But not everything has ended… The energy, the fire, the ZOE ambient will stay permanently in Orti Giulii, even if doesn’t seem like.

Last Zoe evening bursted with great performances of different kinds of dance. If you haven’t been there you can guess that charming moves of Sevillana dancers caught the eye of many. But hey, there was more- on the same stage appeared beauties shaking their bellies and playing with fire. No surprise that after a while even a Proteccione Civile arrived- to serve and to protect of course! Luckily no accident happened, no one got burned and there was not heart attack- just couple of cases of uncontrolled salivation.

But let’s pass to the other stage- there’s a rock concerts as you can’t see every day! Jumping The Shark, Edward in Venice, Meet The Storm , Lantern… and it’s just one place of Zoe! Absolutely amazing opportunity for all you rock lovers… In the meantime all the workshops still were serving their specialities to the people- Roboxlab, kid’s corner…

When the midnight came the price of beer fell down so many beer lovers stormed the booths and for a while the upper part of Zoe turned into an OktoberFest-alike place. With the last sip of beer Zoe 2015 became a history, so we can again count days for the next edition…

To all the people that contribute to the Festival, all the organization, all the volunteers, all the organizations, all the artist’s, all the bands, all the groups, all the associations, all the ideas, all the workers, all the ZOE, we say, Grazie, without you it was impossible for Pesaro to have such an open art concept festival!



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